8 Historical Sites to Explore in Genoa

Palazzo Ducale - Photo © MrsDalloway1925
Palazzo Ducale – Photo © MrsDalloway1925

On the lookout for group accommodation in Genoa? Make sure you check out these top eight attractions of the city with your group.

Looking to take a group of students or colleagues to Genoa? Book into some excellent group accommodation then take the time to learn a bit more of the history locked within the old stones and bones of the city.

Here are eight sites to help connect you to the rich history of la Superba.

1. Castello d’Albertis – The Albertis Castle used to be a private residence until 1932, when its original owner Enrico Alberto d’Albertis donated it to the city.

2. Lanterna di Genova – The Lighthouse of Genoa is nearly 475 years old and used to be the single tallest lighthouse in the world up until 1902. There’s a museum nearby that’s dedicated to all things about the Lanterna, if you’re interested.

3. Cimitero monumentale di Staglieno – The Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno is not only home to the famous historical dead of Genoa, but is also filled to the brim with breath-taking works of art reflecting the fears and hopes that come with the end of life.

4. Santa Maria di Castello – If you’re looking to discover something old, how about a church that’s been around for over 1,100 years? From the numerous frescoes to a jaw-dropping high altar, this is one church that is chock-full of history waiting to be explored.

5. Palazzo Reale – If you want to see how royalty lived in the 17th and 18th century, then you’ll definitely want to visit the Royal Palace of Genoa. Not only will you find plenty of paintings and frescoes, but the furnishings of the palace help convey a sense of life to the palace you won’t get from a museum.

6. Piazza de Ferrari – This plaza itself is a beautiful place, with its majestic main fountain, but its proximity to the numerous palaces and theaters make it one of the most important sights to see. If you’re short of time and want somewhere close to your group accommodation where you can absorb as much of Genoa’s history as you can, this is the place.

7. Via Garibaldi – Just like the Piazza de Ferrari, Via Garibaldi is a street that connects multiple historical palaces together. It is a pleasure to stroll through, on the way to or from your group accommodationFind Article, with marble arches and vaulted chambers surrounding you as you wander along its storied pathways.

8. Torri di Sparta Soprana – The ancient stone gates of the old walled part of Genoa hold its years of history close. Its stoic allure combined with a subtle imposing stature makes for an unforgettable experience.

You’ll find quite a few more historical attractions within easy walking distance of your group accommodation to help spice up your visit to Genoa – the ones above may just be the beginning of your exploration.

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