On the far east of Genoa and ‘found the old fishing village Boccadasse, an ancient village into a modern district. Boccadasse and ‘a small section of the city’ that the Genoese for their love and how ‘remained untouched despite the passing years. A Boccadasse seems to go back in time, there are bathing establishments, do not feel the sounds of cars, there ‘the square, there are fishing boats, the beach and the view from the promontory of Portofino. The ancient fishing village is intact, with creuze (are alleys that De Andrè sing ‘in Creuza de Crosa ma’-sea) that wind from one side and then down the other side.

The square behind the church and the Belvedere are completely restored after the make-up at work for the G8 in Genoa. Today the town appears to visitors as a fishing village from another time, surrounded by the urban context. It seems fake, but instead it ‘still all true and in fact today and’ a small fleet of fishing boats which continues its activities’ secular.

Boccadasse - Photo © yagogayo
Boccadasse – Photo © yagogayo

Don’t miss in Boccadasse the “gelato” at Claudio.

The birth of the village appear to be due to some Spanish fishermen who, finding himself in trouble ‘in a stormy sea, they found shelter in this bay and settled here and founded the village. The origin of the name seems to allude to the shape of the bay-shaped mouth donkey (peel ase in Genoese dialect). Today Boccadasse lives not only fishing but also thanks to small art galleries, the ice cream shops, restaurants and its rocks where young and old stop to sunbathe. The Village and ‘protected from the Church (Sanctuary) of St. Anthony as demonstrated ships hung in its present nave and the votive inside.

Corso Italia

Corso Italia is the long way along the coast from Genoa that from east to west part of the church Boccadasse to get to Piazzale Kennedy and area of the fair district in Foce.

The walk of Corso Italia is really for everyone, for those who simply want to make two steps breathing in the salty sea, for those who want to enjoy an ice cream on a sunny day even in winter, for those who love skating or cycling or doing jogging, walking for those who bring their dogs.

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