Genoa – the port

Genova Porto e Lanterna
Genova Porto e Lanterna

The port of Genoa is a strategic point among the busiest with ferries and cruisers calling in Trieste to Genoa that connect with the entire Mediterranean. On the port, as always, Genoa has built its lookout: the Lighthouse of Genoa, still active lighthouse, whose light can ‘be identified by mariners to more than 30 km away, has always been the symbol of the city’.

The city center ‘of Genoa and’ consists of an enclosed area substantially from Victory Square to the east and to the west Piazza Corvetto. This is an area distinct from the historical center, the oldest part of the city ‘, in essence dating back to medieval times.

The city center ‘you can’ say it was completely designed and built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, largely thanks to the work of Carlo Barabino. It was at that time in fact that the city ‘realized in part be inadequate compared to other cities’ as a major streets and squares, in fact, the conformation of the territory has never allowed Genoa to use the big spaces that city ‘such as Rome, Milan or Turin possess.

Was so ‘that it was decided the construction of Via XX Settembre (instead of the more narrow Via Giulia), Piazza De Ferrari, Via Roma and Galleria Mazzini, Piazza Corvetto. Later it was the turn of Verdi Square, Victory Square (in the fascist period) and Viale Partisan Brigades (resulting in the coverage of the riverbed of the River Bisagno). We arrive finally to the modern part of the city center ‘area consists of the Piccapietra, which dates back to a restructuring of the ’70s.

Carruggio - Photo © eilart
Carruggio – Photo © eilart

Other examples of modern architecture (90) are then represented by the skyscrapers of the Court Lambruschini (which are also present in addition to the offices of the Court Theatre and the Star Hotel) and the skyscraper that the Genoese known as the “skyscraper Sip” as local headquarters for a long time, the old Italian telephone company and now completely renovated and headquarters of Confindustria.

Currently the center and ‘the commercial heart of the city’ with pedestrian areas and areas where traffic and ‘was scaled with the intent to relieve congestion from the smog and noise. The city center ‘is served by the railway station Genova Brignole and was recently reached by Metro Station Genovese thanks to the Piazza De Ferrari.

The historic center of Genoa is the largest in Europe and dates back to medieval times so almost total where to start Municipality ‘the adventure that the port’ to sail the seas until then known trading with city ‘and distant places (from the Black Sea to Portugal) and enriched through the centuries to become the largest sea power in the Mediterranean with Venice.

The historic center of Genoa is therefore immediately recognizable as a maze of narrow streets (the famous Caruggi) that separate the great palaces fatigue, often combined with each other and with the gray roofs of slate, which makes it look to those who seen from above like the shell of a large turtle (this is the definition in my opinion very fitting that gave Gino Paoli in his famous song).

If tourist can drive in the historic center of Genoa, do not expect large spaces and large squares: you will not find. Expect views, descents, climbs and suddenly squares surrounded by palaces and rich churches that seem small only as long as it does not exceed their portal.

You can still find local crafts, flea market stalls, the new premises which in recent years have revitalized the nights of the young Genoese, and perhaps smells and scents of the city ‘old, a city’ of the sea that has always been crossroads of traffic and people.

Via del Campo - Photo © pavillon sully
Via del Campo – Photo © pavillon sully

You will find ways sung by singers like the unforgettable Fabrizio De Andrè (Via del Campo) and the already ‘said Gino Paoli and you will find ways that the powerful nobility’ Genoese realization of the ‘500 ‘to astound the world (such as Via Garibaldi, already’ Via Aurea) and Via Balbi.

At the end, after shooting strictly on foot for a while ‘, if you read this kind of beauty, if you’ll be able to immerse yourself in Genoa in those days, I believe that most will never forget and you will look forward to returning. Otherwise, as sometimes happens and it happened, I probably would not want to go back and Genoa consider them only as a narrow place between the sea and the mountains.

Text prepared by Laura, touristic guide Genoa – available for guided tours in the provinces of La Spezia, Savona and Genoa.

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