Genoa capital of Liguria, a region known abroad for the 5 Terre, ‘a city’ millennial waiting to be discovered: we’re known as the Genoese people and closed, almost to the image of the world’s population, our city ‘seems to want to hide its beauties.

How much more beautiful is hidden in it and not ‘them ready to be “sold” to the visitor must be discovered and savored slowly to find out if, after your trip, you will be among those who like Genoa or among those who hate. ‘Cause that’s right, there is no middle ground: the Genoese themselves or dearly love their city’ or excoriate.

We will try to make you become a part of who loves Genoa, its land, its people, providing information, curiosity ‘and many beautiful images that make me want to venture out to the Carruggi (small narrow streets typical of the architecture of this region) , enjoy our sea and our hills.

The visitor of Genoa, recommend that you enter in the historical center of the city ‘, the largest in Europe, walking through the typical Caruggi, the narrow streets that make up the landscape, the discovery of noble palaces, rich ancient churches, squares and typical places that “breathe” still remind you of the medieval merchant.

Porto Antico
Porto Antico

Soon after, however, ‘walks through the main roads of the ‘600 Genoese, overlooked by the majestic palaces that large families Genoese built in the period in which they reached the maximum wealth: Via Garibaldi, already’ Via Aurea and Strada Nuova, or Via Balbi are the emblem of power and merchant banking Genoa and ‘been over the centuries and today encompass Museums of international standing that are important in itself’ to the architectural beauty of the buildings and how to show your extension (Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Tursi, and so on).

If you go down to the sea in the old town you will arrive at Porto Antico, Genoa’s medieval area recovered today designed to accommodate a pole of attraction that includes the Aquarium, Cotton Warehouses, The Museum of Antarctica, the City ‘and Children many other areas of interest such as the Porta Siberia, the Bigo and panoramic nearby the Museum of the Sea and Navigation.

The Aquarium of Genoa and ‘one of the richest marine parks in the world for the species housed. A spectacular journey of 70 tanks, including those of the Great Blue Ship, offers an opportunity ‘only to discover the wonders of the oceans. (

Text prepared by Laura, touristic guide Genoa – available for guided tours in the provinces of La Spezia, Savona and Genoa.

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