Genova Nervi – The village

Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi Genova Nervi
Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi Genova Nervi – Photo © Alessio Sbarbaro

Nervi is a pleasant resort of the Genoese Eastern Coast, well known for the beauties of the nature as well as for its mild climate.

Set between the mountains and the sea, it offers both sour and particularly sweet views.

Integrated in Genoa and close to the other resorts of the Eastern Riviera, Nervi has a privileged position and logistics, as it combines the typical services of a city- center residential area with the society life of the Riviera.

Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi Genova Nervi
Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi Genova Nervi – Photo © Alessio Sbarbaro

In a tour which must be covered almost completely on foot, far from cars, it is possible to start from the ancient harbour (the “porticciolo”) and, through the Anita Garibaldi Promenade, reach the parks and the rose-garden. This gives access to the ancient villas which house the Modern Art Gallery and the collections of the Luxoro and Frugone families.

Coming out the parks towards the town, there are two options: either “climbing” the lanes of the scenic Sant’Ilario Hill, or walking towards Nervi center after paying a visit to the painters’ shops.

From the town center it is possible to go back to the Promenade through the elegant “Viale delle Palme” or to cross the main street for shopping or tasting the Genoese gastronomy, finally reaching the “start” through the Roman bridge or Via Pescetto gardens.

Genova Nervi  – The sea promenade

Far from traffic, the Anita Garibaldi Promenade runs along the cliff for about 2 Km, from the ancient harbour up to Capolungo village.

The southern exposure and the mountains at its back ensure the Promenade an exceptionally mild climate, with the panoramic views of Portofino headland and Camogli village on a side, and the Western coastline up to Mortola Cape on the other side.

The castle close to the harbour and the Saracen tower on a rock midway enrich this unique Promenade with historical notes and remind the visitors the need of defence and communications of the coast.

The Promenade has several accesses to the cliff and in summer the bathing stations set in the rocks offer the possibility of plunges into the sea or in the swimming-pool built among the rocks and the olive-trees.

In the evening it is possible to taste fish-dishes and the traditional focaccia in the small restaurants on the sea at the sound of Latin-American music or of the piano.

For half of its length the Promenade borders the parks and the rose-garden to which it gives access through several passages. This enable visitors to walk on the Promenade in winter sunny days, in summer evenings and in case of Northern wind, and to recover in the cool parks in summer hot days and when the Southern wind blows.

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