Liguria Festivals

Sagra del Pesce - Photo © edithbruck
Sagra del Pesce – Photo © edithbruck

This is a partial list of local festivals, fairs and costumed events. To verify the exact dates, please contact the local tourist board.

  • Bogliasco: Fava Bean Festival (May)
    Olive Oil Festival (August)
  • Camogli: Fish Fry and Festival (May)
    Stella Maris Historical Waterfront
    Pageant (August)
  • Sestri Levante: Vogalunga Historical Regatta (June)
  • Masone: Historical Parade (June)
  • Portofino: St. george Bonfire (April)
  • Casaria Ligure: Strawberry Festival (July)
  • Casella: Historical Pageant and Horse Race (August)
  • Castiglione Chiavare: Eggplant Festival (August)
  • Rossiglione: Chestnut Festival (October)
  • Calizzano: Corpus Domini Flower Festival (June)
    Historical Horse Race and Games (July)
    Living Nativity Scene (December)
  • Novi Ligure: (Via Marconi, 4th Saturday of the month)
  • Genoa: Four Republics Historical Regatta (held every four years, in June)
    PALIO MARINARO dei RIONI Rowing race in ancient dress (June 29th)International sailing regatta (March).
  • Pontinvrea: Cherry Festival (June)
  • Stellanello: Alpini Festival (June)
  • Vendone: Festival of the Mountains (July)
  • Giustenice: Medieval Games and Pageants (July)
  • Calice Ligure: Historical Horse Race and Pageant (August)
  • Cosseria: Ancient Festival of San Damiano (September)
  • La Spezia PALIO del GOLFO First Sunday of August
    Rowing contest
  • Roccavignale: Living Nativity Scene (December)
  • Taggia: Historical Parade (February)
  • Vessalico: Garlic Festival (July)
  • Diano Arentino: Living Nativity Scene (December)
  • Monterosso al Mare: Lemon Festival (May)
    Corpus Domini Flower Festival (June)
  • Riomaggiore: San Giovanni Festivities (June)
    Nativity Scene (December)
  • San Remo: Annual festival of Italian popular songs, usually at end of February.
    International Easter sailing regatta, International Jazz Festival (March).
  • Lerici: Waterfront Festivities for Sant’Erasmo (July)
  • Levanto: Marittime Festival (July)
  • Diano Marino: Castrum Diani Historical Parade (September)
  • Carrodano: Porchetta Festival (August)
  • Portovenere: Madonna Bianca Festivities (August)
  • Bonassola: Historical Regatta (August)
  • Ventimiglia: Nudging French border on Ligurian riviera. Historical Folk Festival (August)”Battle of Flowers” includes buying spree with almost one million flowers (Second Sunday in June).

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