Riviera di Levante Trails

Portovenere from Trail n. 1 Photo © Stefano Muzio
Portovenere from Trail n. 1 – Photo © Stefano Muzio

Footpaths in the Riviera di Levante

Trail n. 1:Portovenere – Colle del Telegrafo 516 m.

Walking time 3 hours.
The trail begins with a long climb following the walls of the castle. It raises rapidly till Sella Derbi and then it continues to climb with stupendous views of the coast, reaching Campiglia 382 m. and crossing a beautiful pine grove with an outfitted gym amid greenery arriving to the Colle del Telegrafo.

Trail n. 1: Colle del Telegrafo 516 m. – Sella della Cingoletta 605 m.

Walking time 3 hours.
The trail climbs a little among Mediterranean scrub and at the Bramapane junction comes upon a dirt road continuing till the Valico La Croce. Here it begins climbing again along the crest in pine woods and chestnut trees always with beautiful views. After having surpassed the two Selle del Marrede it reaches the Sella della Cigoletto.

Trail n. 1: Sella della Cigoletta 605 m. – Colla di Gritta 330 m.

Walking time 3 hours 30 min.
The trail climbs till it reaches Mount Gaginara 800 m. This is the highest elevation of the entire route from Portovenere to Levanto. From this point it begins descending with some latches to Termine where the trail meets the Provincial road that passes by the Soviore Sanctuary and leads to Colla di Gritta.

Levanto – Photo joinmefordinner

Trail n. 1: Colla di Gritta 330 m. – Levanto.

Walking time 2 hours.
The trails begins from the large square of the bar-trattoria and goes up steps in a beautiful pine tree wood. Following the latches of the crest with views of Monterosso and Levanto. It reaches the Sella di Punta Mesco with a stupendous view. From here one begins the descent where the trail ends on a promenade below the castle.

Trail n. 12: Levanto – Mount Vè o Focone

Walking time 1 hour and 30 min.
Going beyond the medieval Loggia, you continue in the direction of the old walls crossing the entrance near the Catarana torrent (via Prealbs). Crossing over a little bridge a steep climb begins that enters onto a stretch of paved road for the Mesco. Turn left and at the first curve take the dirt road (on your left below is a little white villa) and continue uphill, after a short distance it narrows until it becomes a trail that leads to the old ruins of “Tiro a segno” and continues till Bagari, a watershed between Levanto and Monterosso. From here there are indications for reaching the top of Mount Focone.

Route n. 14: Levanto – Monte Ve’ o Focone.

Time 1hr 30min.
Beyond the Medieval loggia you carryon towards the ancient walls and crossing the Cantarana stream (Via Prealba). On the other side of a small bridge there’s steep bit that takes you on to the road for Il Mesco. Turn left and at the first bend take the unmade road going up. There will be a small white house below on the left. After a short while the road becomes a pathway leading to a disused rifle range, and beyond to Bagari the watershed between Levanto and Monterosso.

Trail in the wineyards - Photo © j. russell
Trail in the wineyards – Photo © j. russell

Trail n. 17: Soviore 464 m. – Passo del Balderone 592 m.

Walking time 3 hours and 15 min.
The trail begins on the road that branches off from the Provincial one near the Soviore Sanctuary. It continues with an initial climb and the flattens out, passing by the little St.Bernardo and St.Antonio churches with a view of the dell of Levanto, till arriving at the Passo del Bardelone.

Trail n. 19: Passo del Bardelone 592 m. – Foce di Lavaggio 491 m. – Levanto

Walking time 3 hours and 15 min.
The trail is the continuation of n. 17 along the crest of Levanto’s dell, with a beautiful view. It continues on a dirt road slightly downhill passing by the Foci di Montale and the Dosso till arriving at the Foce di Lavaggio. From here trail n. 23 goes downhill on a beautiful mule-track at Lavaggiorosso and by road at Levanto where it finishes in the square of the Chiesa dei Frati.

Deiva Old Town - Photo © emmedibi33
Deiva Old Town – Photo © emmedibi33

Deiva M. / Framura

Provincial high road, medium difficulty, 3 km., walking time 2 hours.
From the bridge at the torrent Deiva turn left towards the railroad bridge, follow the ascent around the last white apartment building. At the end of the climb turn right and continue for around 80 foot steps the, on your left the entrance for the trail that laps Mount Serra and takes you to the localities of Costa and Setta, that is home to the commune of Framura.

Framura / Carpeneggio / Bonassola

Principle high road, medium difficulty, 4.5 km., walking time 2 hours and 30 min.
After 200 m. downhill from the locality of Setta di Framura you reach the small hamlet of Ravecca and after a long flight of steps that of Anzo. From here through a docile latch you arrive downhill to the Rio Valle delle Lame. Turning East, after several small hairpin bends, you reach a small group of abandoned houses. From the locality of Salice, after having crossed terraces cultivated with vineyards, the trail goes downhill through thick vegetation of pines and holm-oaks. Continue for 200 m. on the plain, beyond the sign that indicates Framura, follow the trail on the left and, after around 70 meters, climbing towards East along a smooth trail you reach the Sella di Carpeneggio. Continue a cemented descent for around 150 meters, then on your right a paved road, left till the cemetery, then the trail till the village of Bonassola.

Bonassola / Serra / Costella / Montaretto

mule-tracks and trails, easy, 3.1 km., walking time 2 hours and 15 min.
From the FS Station go uphill towards the castle (XVI) and taking the flight of stairs, you cross the hamlet of Serra. Beyond the paved road, that begins again after a short mule-track, continue till the hamlet of Costella from which you take a downhill junction to the left, and you reach, after around 300 m., the church of St.Giorgio; after 50 m. you come upon that links trail 3. Continue 600 m. of paved road, at the third hairpin turn, climb a few steps that put you on a very beautiful mule-track that crosses the St.Giorgio torrent, and brings you after 500 m. to the hamlet of Montaretto. From the church trail 3 departs and returns to Bonassola.


Bonassola / Montaretto

mule-track, easy, 2.1 km., walking time 1 hour and 30 min.
From under the railway bridge you follow the uphill road alongside it. Climb the flight of steps and after 200 m. you cross the road again. It goes up rapidly for around 350 m. and reaches the plains of “Cia'”, surrounded by a wall, after 400 m. There’s the junction that links trail 4. Continue for a short stretch alongside the St.Giorgio torrent, thus a wide trail amid pines will take you to the picturesque and old hamlet of Montaretto, where it’s possible to link up with trail 4 that arrives on the North side of the church.

Bonassola / Salto della lepre / Carpeneggio

trail, medium difficulty, 3 km., walking distance 1 hour and 30 min.
Follow trail 1 for 80 m. till after the cemetery, then the flight of steps that will lead you after a short time to a short stretch of dirt road. From here the trail will continue on the plain till the remnants of a military emplacement, passing this continue going uphill in the middle of pines until reaching a vast plain and turn left first then immediately right that passes near a dilapidated house. The wide trail winds around pines till it reaches the Sella di Carpeneggio.

Bonassola / Levanto

mule-track, easy, 2.4 km., walking time 1 hour and 30 min.
From the promenade at the sea on the Eastern side of Bonassola, you go up the Scalinata di Via Maxinara, after having gone beyond the paved road continue climbing through the hamlet of Poggio. The trail continues in the middle of olive groves and vegetable gardens till arriving at the Sella di Scernio where it begins to go downhill and catches a far-away glimpse of Levanto. Amid olive and pine trees you reach Vallesanto on the western side of Levanto.