Riomaggiore – Monterosso trail

Riomaggiore – Monterosso trail
Cinque Terre Trail with sea view
Walking Trail: Riomaggiore – Monterosso
(Sentiero Azzurro – Blue route number “2” along the sea)

Walking time 5 hours.
The trail begins from the train Station square of Riomaggiore and follows the Via dell’Amore till Manarola (1km. – 30 min.). Dug into the rock between 1926 and 1928, it was the trail used by the railwaymen to move from and to Riomaggiore and Manarola railway stations on foot. Today it is a pleasant and romantic walk, suitable for everyone. Along the way, near Manarola, you will find the so-called “Bar dell’Amore”, a very romantic café with a sea-view terrace.

Cinque Terre trail
Cinque Terre trail

From Manarola, it climbs slightly and then levels out onto a beautiful mule-track that reaches the Corniglia FS Station and the village with steep stairs (2 km – 1:15 hour). From Manarola railway station, take the tunnel and then turn left towards the Marina, where you have two possibilities: you can take the ancient uphill paved trail touching the cemetery, or you can choose the sea-view walk Birolli di Punta Bonfiglio up to Palaedo depot, and from here take the new “Sentiero delle Trasparenze Marine” (Trail of the Marine Transparencies), until you will meet the original trail no. 2 in loc. Laghi (35m). Here the pedestrian trail becomes gentle, for the whole length of the underlying Spiaggione di Corniglia. Beyond the railway underpass, the trail climbs to reach the Railway Station, where you will find a refreshment point, and then you will reach on foot Lardarina staircase, leading to the town of Corniglia.

Cinque Terre Sentiero
Cinque Terre Sentiero

From Corniglia the trail, while maintaining more or less the same elevation for a long stretch with some difficult points, goes downhill till Vernazza (4 km – 1:30 hour). In Corniglia cross the carriage road and take Ponte del Canale, under which Rio della Groppa flows. Walk along the walls of Casa Zattera and then an olive grove (where trail/b climbing to Case Fornacchi leaves) and reach a charming panoramic point overhanging Guvano beach. Cross the whole basin of Guvano, where along the way you will find a small spring under the road, and a picnic area. Then climb until you reach the highest point of “Sentiero Azzurro”, that is the 208 meters of the village of Prevo, offering a refreshment point. The downhill trail (first stretch with steps) will lead you towards Vernazza among olive groves and vineyards.

Vernazza – Photo ©

From Vernazza, the longer and more tortuous stretch begins where care must be exercised due to the nature of the soil. (3 km – 2 hours). The trail goes up to 180 m. and in view of Monterosso goes steeply downhill finishing near the town hall. From the square of Vernazza take, passing under an arch, the panoramic uphill trail Costa Messorano. Among vineyards and olive groves, continue across Cravarla valley, between the 150 and 200 meters, and then go along Costa Linaro and the little valley of Fosso Mulinaro. You will reach the basin of Acquapendente, where some resident families still cultivate olives, vineyards, lemons, and vegetables. Cross a small bridge, under which there is the stream which, immediately after, flows into the sea from a high rocky wall. After Acquapendente takes a steep downhill staircase surrounded by vineyards and lemon gardens protected by high walls, and go ahead towards Punta Corone. Then take the downhill trail leading to Monterosso, with two branches: on the right towards the town, with arrival in piazza Garibaldi; on the left towards Corone cliff and up to the limit of the beach. From Piazza Garibaldi, the trail becomes one up to Fegina terminus, in front of the Railway Station.

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