The International Whales Sanctuary – Whale watching

Whale watching
International Sanctuary Whale watching – Photo © tim stenton

The International Whales Sanctuary an important zone from the biological point of view. The wealth of food attracts for a long time thousand of fishes and accordingly the raiders.

Every summer around 2000 whales and thousand of other cetacean, among which dolphins, zifii and capodogli, are given appointment in the Ligure-Provenzal basin to feed in sight of the winter.

It is the first time that a protected sea area has been created  that understands international waters in this part of the hemisphere: it is drawn of a vast area over 96000 squared KMs,: equal to the double one of Switzerland. The whale protected area is extended among the Cote d’Azur, Principaute de Monaco, the Ligurian Coast, Corsica, Sardinia and Tuscany.

International Sanctuary Whale watching – Photo © tim stenton

The creation of the Sanctuary of the Cetacean is an extraordinary event of cooperation for the maintenance of the nature. The International Whale Sanctuary not only guarantees the guardianship of the sea mammals, but also of the whole ecosystem of this angle of Mediterranean.

The International Sanctuary Whale watching trips are the occasion, not only to see from near the Cetacean in their natural environment, but also to make people aware for a correct management of the sanctuary of the whales.

There are whale watching tours departing from three towns in the Savona province: Andora, Alassio and Savona itself.

The tours operate during the tourist season, check for schedule and availability with the web sites of the three companies operating these tours:

Escursions of Liguria Whale watching with departure from Andora, Alassio and Savona
Text courtesy in part of APT Riviera delle Palme