A first visit to Lake Garda

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Lake Garda, Salo' Photo /www.visual-italy.it
Lake Garda, Salo

Given that I’m a big fan of all things Italian, it seems surprising that it took me so long to visit the Italian Lakes. I’d heard plenty about the beauty of the area but had simply not found the time to visit previously.

There are so many great things about being in Italy that it’s often difficult to know where to start. Having a fondness for food and drink, it’s these two items that often make me want to return to the country.

The use of fresh ingredients in Italian cooking seems to put the UK to shame. The joy of eating fresh tomatoes and wonderful olive oil is without equal.

It’s hard to travel anywhere in Italy without also enjoying the fine wines that are on offer. Drinking wine with a meal is very much part of the culture here.

Having previously visited many of the larger Italian cities, I wondered how the region around Lake Garda would compare.

I’d read in my guidebook that the area is largely made up of relatively small villages, towns and resorts. This would be a trip that would be considerably different to previous visits to the country.

During my stay on the shores of Lake Garda, I opted to move around and visit as many of the lakeside villages as possible. I was delighted to find thriving markets and restaurants in many of them.

Fresh produce is as available here as it is in most of Italy, with a wonderful array of fish too.

Before arriving, I’d been concerned that Lake Garda might lack the historic sites that I tend to associate with much of Italy.

Fortunately, I was to find that the lake and its villages have a great combination of sceneryFree Articles, cuisine and history.

This part of the country has been a popular place to take a break since Roman times.

It’s not hard to see why. A visit to Lake Garda is to be recommended.

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