Varese – Campo dei Fiori

Campo dei Fiori
Campo dei Fiori

Cittadella delle Scienza della natura
The citadel of Sciences of Nature

Above the city among the cold forests of Campo dei Fiori, is the Citadel of the natural sciences founded in 1956 and named Virgil astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli. The Citadel includes Astronomical Observatory, Centre for Geophysical Prealpino with Wall Clocks and Seismological Observatory, the Park and the Botanical Gardens for the conservation of the flora of the Alps of Lombardy and the Botanical Research Centre. There, among the leaders of the fir trees, the silence of the valleys, the broad, beautiful scenery of mountain ridges and the vast Po Valley, for generations, alternate babies, children and scholars to probe stars and study the weather and climate.

The astronomical observatory “Schiaparelli”

The Observatory was built in 1963 and stands a 360 ° free horizon on top of the Campo dei Fiori share 1226 mt. Home to the Dome of the Levant, where there is installed the reflecting telescope, equipped with glasses for astrophotography seekers and equipment and the Dome of the West with a photographic camera. The second dome was completed in 1997.

Campo dei Fiori
Campo dei Fiori

City Park “Zambeletti”

Entitled to the pioneers of the mountain from Varese, the Park covers an area of approximately 60 hectares. On the north side overlooking the forest mixed with beech, spruce, and hardwoods, while south of prevailing forest of spruce. Between 1904 and 1908 was created the first larch of Italy, consisting of 564 000 copies well.

Botanical Garden “Tomaselli”

It’s for the collection and acclimatization of the flora of the Alps and Alpine Lombard foothills. The garden is organized according to courses specially marked and accompanied by display kiosks that explain issues to the naturalistic aspects of the Campo dei Fiori.

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