Italy: Why Lake Garda is worth a visit

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Lake Garda, Salo

Italy is a country filled with colorful contrasts, from the beauty of Venice to the sheer bustle of Rome. In northern Italy, the area around Lake Garda also has plenty to offer.

Foreign travelers have been visiting Italy for decades, drawn by the scenery, culture and history that are so intrinsic to Italian life. While Hemingway took delight in his stays in Venice, many others looked further north – to the Italian lakes.

Lake Garda, a favored destination for Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann and James Joyce, lies at the foot of the Italian Alps. Surrounded by pretty villages and towns, it’s little surprise that the region around the lake draws visitors from all over Europe.

The climate here is comparable to that found in the Mediterranean regions further south, while the lake itself has a coastal feel. Indeed, it is the accessibility to water sports that attracts many.

For those looking for different forms of recreation, the proximity of Lake Garda to the mountains provides ample opportunities for hiking, climbing and other such pursuits.

There are plenty of choices for where to stay too. Each of the towns and villages that are dotted around the lake have a different feel and atmosphere, meaning that you can really get away from it all in a rural setting, or alternatively seek a more lively town, complete with fabulous restaurants and wonderful views.

This is also a region of Italy that is very child-friendly. The country’s largest theme park, GardalandScience Articles, is located to the south-east of Lake Garda.

A visit to Garda is suitable for all ages – this is a place that you simply cannot fail to enjoy.

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