Lakes and Rivers at Sondrio-Valmalenco

Lakes and Rivers at Sondrio-Valmalenco

The area surrounding the province capital is rich in streams and rivers that descend to the valley bottom from uncontaminated peaks and perennial glaciers. There are numerous small alpine lakes, each one of which hosts particular animal and plant ‘communities’ depending on the altitude and other environmental factors.

The main river is without doubts the river Adda that crosses Valtellina in all its length and collects the waters of its tributaries before it enters Lake Como. Throughout its course, it collects the waters of a number of streams including Mallero, Fontana, Livrio and crosses villages, towns and protected areas such as the Bordighi forest, where numerous aquatic species nest and reproduce.

Within the surroundings of Sondrio, over 30 lakes are present, the majority of which are located in Valmalenco. Among them, the Palu lake emerges as the most well-known and the largest of them all. It is completely surrounded by conifer forests and dominated by the rocky mass of the Roggione mount, in the West, and by the Sasso Nero’s bastions in the North.

A botanical trail around the lake allows to enjoy the different floral species that grow over 2000 meters of altitude.

In this area, several artificial lakes are also present and are used to produced hydroelectric energy, Campo Moro and Campo Gera lake in the upper Valmalenco are particularly noteworthy.

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