one day mantova cover smallThis is an excerpt from the book “One Day Mantova from Milan

Mantova palazzo Ducale - Photo ©
Mantova palazzo Ducale – Photo ©

This extraordinary city, founded perhaps by the Etruscans, was then romanized (Vergil was born in the nearby Andes) and finally, after a period as a commune, became a fief of the Bonacolsi and then of the Gonzaga (1328-1707), who made it the beautiful capital of their principality. The River Mincio closes it on three sides in the form of a lake, and to those approaching it from the north, the city presents a striking skyline of towers.

Mantegna's fresco, the Gonzaga's court
Mantegna’s fresco, the Gonzaga’s court



Mantova Palazzo Te
Mantova Palazzo Te


Mantova at night - Photo © jimforest
Mantova at night

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