Parco della Villa Pallavicino

From the entrance opposite the shores of Lake Maggiore climb along a wide path that immediately introduces a real natural oasis: lawns, shady avenues and squares where blooming roses, oleanders, magnolias, daffodils, azaleas, rhododendrons, all harmoniously married to the forests, reserves of monumental trees. Greenhouses and the zoo, with over 40 species of animals from all over the world (white swans, rare ducks, crowned cranes, deer, silver pheasants, deer-goat, llamas, zebras, kangaroos Bennet, peacocks), it further increase the value and charm.

The original idea of the park is due to the statesman and man of culture Neapolitan Roger Bonghi fascinated by Lake Maggiore and who decided in 1855 to purchase such land to build a small house. But it is mainly the family of the Marquis Pallavicino, who in 1862 took over the property to the Duke of Vallombrosa, which owes much of the splendor of the park.

The Marquis Ludovico expanded the estate, built driveways, park adorned with statues and transformed the simple house in the splendid nineteenth-century neoclassical villa that still stands proud on the hill. Instead it was the Marchesa Luisa, in 1952 to complete work begun years earlier and to collect animals from all corners of the world to build a zoo exceptional.

Park Villa Pallavicino is accessible by boats of the Navigazione Lago Maggiore at the start of the jetty Laveno