Public Transportation in Milan.

Public Transportation in Milan
Zone definition

Public Transportation in Milan: In the summer of 2019, the new integrated fare system for public transport (STIBM) started operating. It provides for a single ticket for 213 municipalities and the 4.2 million residents of the City of Milan metropolitan area and the Province of Monza and Brianza.

The tickets are valid on the entire network operated by ATM and other private operators as well as on the sections of the railway network managed by the Trenord Regional train company included in the area.

The area covered is divided into zones. The price between two locations is calculated based on the number of zones crossed, its cost increases with the number of areas. The time of validity increases, as well.

In Milan, the minimum purchase is three tariff zones (Mi1 – Mi3), the ticket costs € 2.00. Rho Fiera-Milano is in the Mi3 zone, the ticket to go there, therefore, has the same price as an urban ticket.

Ordinary tickets, ten tickets booklets, daily tickets, three days tickets, and weekly passes are available for Milan.

ATM is the public transport company in Milan., their website, has ALL the information on the new tariff system, including all the discounts for monthly and yearly subscriptions, for seniors, and young people, should you decide to move to Milan.

If you want to buy a ticket, use the ATM app on your smartphone, go to the Menu, and select Tickets. You can purchase by credit cards but also by SMS, charging it to your Italian telephone account, if you have one, of course.

You can buy tickets on the TRENORD smartphone app. Here you can also make reservations and buy tickets for Regional trains that go outside of the STIBM basin area. A significant advantage is that this APP speaks English!

One final consideration: should you need assistance with public Transportation in Milan, don’t ask a Milan resident, most of them are still in a state of confusion generated by this epochal change. Ask an ATM or Trenord employee; they, maybe, will be better able to help.

Milan: Getting in and around. This post is an excerpt from the book Milan, available in printed and digital formats.