Travel in Lombardy

Milan Duomo rooftop – Photo © James Lawson

Lombardia is the richest, most highly developed and most densely populated region of Italy.

And it is precisely for this reason that it is one of most surprising and unexpected for the tourist who arrives there knowing little of its historic, architectural, artistic and natural heritage.

Let us take  Milan, the great city of industry and commerce. Here everything that is modern and advanced finds its home: from technological innovation to fashion, from advertising to design, from ways of life to political “experiments”.

Milan sets the trend. Yet, beneath its thick aspect of a dynamic and modern metropolis projected towards the future, Milan conceals extraordinary architectural and artistic treasures.

Milan Duomo at night – Photo © Flor3

There is only the embarrassment of choice: the Duomo, the Castello Sforzesco, the La Scala theatre and the Brera picture gallery. And in the rest of Lombardy there are many splendid natural landscapes such as the lakes, or the Stelvio national park, and monuments and works of art of considerable value. At Monza, Varese, Como, Bergamo, Brescia, Lodi, Cremona, and Pavia, every era has made its cultural and artistic mark: in the urban structures, in the churches, in the civic buildings.

From the Romanesque to the Gothic, from the Renaissance to the Baroque, up to the most daring and innovative architectural and artistic solutions of the modern and contemporary eras Lombardy boasts an impressive cultural and artistic heritage. And many people have yet to discover all this.

Como Lake

One day trips from Milan without a car:
You don’t need a car to escape from the business, the traffic, the congestion, and the afa (humid hot weather) in summertime or the fog in wintertime of the city of Milan to a wonderful world of lakes, mountains, castles and good food: just take the train and, sometimes, the boat as recommended in the following itineraries.

Milan on foot
Milan – Chiaravalle Abbey
Bergamo Alta
Bologna with the high speed train
Isola Comacina on Lake Como
Lecco and Bellagio by boat
Como and Bellagio by boat
Isole Borromee on Lake Maggiore
Arona, Angera on Lake Maggiore
Arona, Rocca di Angera on Lake Maggiore
Villa Taranto on Lake Maggiore
Mottarone on Lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore, Arona to Stresa by boat
Stresa – Locarno, a day boat trip
The Garda Lake – a day boat trip
Pavia, the city
Pavia, the Certosa
Portofino in winter

One day trips from Milan with a car:
In less than a couple of hours drive from the city of Milan you can reach by car a wonderful world of lakes, mountains, castles and good food, via the “autostrada” (highway) the Valle d’Aosta waits for you with the following itineraries, that can be done in one day from Milan.

  The lower valley and its Castles
  Sarre – Cogne Gran Paradiso Park
  Gran Paradiso Area
  St-Pierre Morgex/S.Carlo Pass La Thuille
  Pre-Saint-Didier – Courmayeur
  Aosta, Pila, Valpeline, Gr. St. Bernard
  Saint-Vincent, Chatillon, Breuil-Cervinia
  Verres – Ayas Valley – Joux Pass
  Pont-St-Martin, Donnas, Gressoney