Tremosine Lake Garda

excerpt from the book “Lake Garda”
Garda Lake from Tremosine

From Garda to Tremalzo
Tremosine lies on an area of high land that falls sheer to the western shores of Lake Garda, with a variety of altitudes, climates, vegetation and, consequently, products.

From ancient times local inhabitants have always enjoyed a very varied diet provided by Nature according to its changing seasons. Despite the passage of time, today the flavors of lake and mountain are still the backbone of local cuisine.

In Tremosine you can still enjoy time-honored dishes made with fish from the lake: trout, whitefish, pike and carp, perfumed with herbs which grow profusely in the Mediterranean zone. Cheese and charcuterie production methods also cling to their ancient traditions: a co-operative in Tremosine collects milk from its members’ stables and alpine pastures and transforms it into high quality cheese.

Abundant flowers in the alpine pastures give the milk a particularly delicious flavor, providing a wide range of specialties for every palate: fresh and mature cheeses, yoghurt, ricotta and butter. Who could resist the cheese flavored with grated black truffle from the local woods?

The same high quality and fine flavor apply to pork products from selected meat processed according to ancient tradition, a vital ingredient of many of our local dishes.

The Tremosine hills are still the habitat of a very varied wild fauna. In the past game was a vital source of nourishment for the local population; today you can enjoy its fine flavor in many different traditional dishes.

Pieve di Tremosine

A balcony on the lake Garda

“Piazza Cozzaglio“ , in the small village of Pieve a fraction of Tremosine, has a balcony with lake-view. The small square is very typical and it offers a vertical beautiful view of the lake and of the below Gardesana.

Winston Churchill, during a visit in Tremosine in 1948, was enchanted by this place and defined Tremosine as the Capri of the lake Garda.

In fact “Piazza Cozzaglio” looks like the very famous “Piazza” of Capri.

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