Baite in Valchiavenna – Photo © Roveclimb

Valchiavenna stretches North from the top of Lake Como in the hearth of Raethic Alps and, in Chiavenna- town of great past- it divides itself into two valleys which lead to the Maloja and Spluga passes at the border with Switzerland respectively.

Valchiavenna is a long valley you reach turning towards North as soon as you enter the province Of Sondrio, coming from the Como Lake. It stretches from the Pian di Spagna to the Spluga Pass and borders the Swiss Cantone dei Grigioni by three sides ( Engadina, Val Bregaglia, Val Mesolcina).

The ways of access to Valchiavenna are two which are open all the year: from south through the Como Lake, from north through the Villa di Chiavenna Pass. During summer Spluga Pass is open, too. Crossing Valtellina the Aprica Pass and the Tirano Pass to Switzerland are the other passes open all the year.

Ancient traces of Valchiavenna’s noble past are still evident from its historical palaces, the majority of which are located in the town of Chiavenna.

Palazzo Vertemate Franchi

One cannot forget to mention the Vertemate Franchi palace, one of the most prestigious Renaissance residential palaces in Lombardy; here the memory of the ancient town of Piuro has survived.

There a number of palaces that you will be able to admire while walking around Chiavenna’s historic center or the town of Prosto di Piuro including:

Vertemate Franchi palace: one of the most prestigious Renaissance residential palaces in Lombardy where the memory of the ancient town of Piuro, submerged by a landslide in 1618, has survived.

Balbiani Palace: known as the Castle, it appears as a compact, stone bloc surrounded by two cylindrical towers.

Palazzo Vertemate Franchi – Photo © Inklaar

Pestalozzi Palace: 15th-century palace, in whose interior is possible to admire a beautiful stua (stove).

Pretorio Palace: Painted with frescoes on both the outside and inside.

Salis Palace: Stunning 18th-century villa surrounded by a wonderful English-style garden.

Where to stay in Chiavenna

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