Valtellina: A world to be discovered among the Alps

Valtellina House

Suspended between Lombardy and Central Europe, Valtellina occupies an entirely mountainous territory, from the Trivio di Fuentes at 188 meters, at the top end of Lake Como, and the peak of the Bernina at 4000 meters, offering a variety of landscapes and almost unlimited possibilities for mountain activities.

Its particular, rather irregular geographical layout and its great extent in both length and height offer a spectacular variety of countryside.

Valtellina vines

A long history

Valtellina polenta

The long history of the Valtellina communities matured in this geographical setting, a history of stubborn clinging to the land, which steel bears the signs of centuries of human toil, especially in the vineyard and the Alpine pastures,  but also the signs of political strife and profound religious beliefs, which left their mark in the churches, palaces and monuments.

The Cuisine

It is a land of ancient flavors. The authentic country cuisine of the Valtellina, like the natural environment in which it originates, presents dishes that are greatly appreciated by the most demanding palates: “pizzoccheri”, “sciatt”, “polenta taragna”, made with buck wheat flour, “brisaola” or “bresaola”, a type of dry salt beef typical of Valtellina, the unsurpassed quality of which is due to delicate preparation and perfect curing in unique environmental conditions; “Bitto” cheese, which bears the DOP (protected denomination of origin) mark and “bisciola”, a rustic cake containing walnuts, figs and raisins.
By Provincia di Sondrio – Settore Turismo