Villa Necchi Campiglio

Villa Necchi Campiglio

The Villa was realized by Pietro Portalupi between 1932 an 1935 for the family of Angelo Campiglio, his wife Gigina Necchi and his sister in law Nedda. The world of the Necchi Campiglio was that of Lombard industrial high bourgeoisie, upper class, but also hard working class up to date with heir time.

The swimming pool

The Villa includes solutions that were ahead of their time, like the heated outdoor swimming pool, the first of this kind in Milan.

A statue
The library

The library is the room that best represents the style and taste of Portalupi.

The reading room

A small glass cabinet separates the library from the reading room.

The office

The office – an early example of “Home-office” has a traveling desk, capable of folding completely and be ransported. There are only three specimens of these desks in the world.

The veranda

The veranda is perhaps the best room of the entire Villa, as it opens with full length windows on the green of the park. Being here it is impossible to remember that you are in fact right in he center of Milan.

Armored sliding door

Armored sliding doors separate the veranda from the house, preventing possible break-ins. These doors, like all the other doors in the Villa, completely disappear when open.

The convectors

Another example of the advanced architectural solutions adopted are he convectors used for heating: they are hidden in the windows bases.

Marble bathroom

The bathrooms have plenty of marble, the most expensive kinds of marble.

Guest bathroom

The guest rooom’s bathrooms are no less important either.

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