Alagna Valsesia: summer mountain Paradise

Capanna Regina Margherita Valsesia
Monte Rosa – Capanna Regina Margherita


The Valsesia is the gate to the south face of the Monte Rosa, the most accessible side of the mountain, where start the biggest number of routes to reach hits peaks.

Alagna’s lifts reach the 3260 m of Punta Indren, balcony on the mountains, located near the Indren glacier, few hours walking from the mountain huts of Monte Rosa.

From Punta Indren, in 1 hour and half, it’s possible to reach the Rifugio Mantova 3498 mt on the Garstelet glacier and in 2 hours the Gnifetti hut 3447 mt. castled on the overhanging moraine, both base camps for the climb to peaks of the Monte Rosa

Valsesia trekking


Nomads in search of corners of peace/ Lost in Nordic fogs among the ruins of civilization/ Going through the lights and shades and monotony/ Of days that go by/ Oh you walker/ In search of peace as the sun goes down/ You will find it/ At the end of the road/ And I will leave/ The cities / Awaiting to wake up/ Travelers in search of hospitality/ In hamlets bathed in the sun/ And on the shallows of immensity/ They fall asleep on the pillows of the earth/ Foreigner in search of the unfathomable dimension/ You will find it, away from the city, at the end of the road. (Franco Battiato – Nomadi)

A thick system of paths cover the upper part of the Valsesia. Four are the main lines: the Otro valley, covered by the path number 3, the Olen valley, covered by the path number 5 arriving closed to the Punta Indren glacier, the Natural Park Alta Valsesia, easy to reach with the bus Alagna Acqua Bianca and the Vogna valley, wild and  suggestive fluvial valley, connecting the Valsesia with the Valle d’Aosta

Valsesia river sports

River sports

Rafting, canyoning and hydrospeeding, river sports finding in the Sesia a their perfect terrain! Untouched environment, well know to have been theater in 2002 of the Canoa World Championship, the river Sesia is an aspired and searched goal by all fond on river sports.

  • Rafting on the River Sesia: being a team” and enjoying energizing white waves; that’s rafting, the most popular white water sport. It’s a great involving experience! Rafting will always give strong and unforgettable emotions.
  • Hydrospeed on the River Sesia: an experience that puts you in direct contact with the stream and what counts is understanding its dynamics and feeling its energy!
  • Canyoning on the River Sesia: an extraordinary adventure, almost surreal, to get in touch with nature and its most spectacular and hidden sides; the feeling of coming across undiscovered corners, diving into untouched silver waters, floating along the stream, with its rocks made smooth by water and time

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