Alessandria food and wine

Alessandria food

The province of Alessandria is fruitful land especially as far as food is concerned.

The gastronomic treasures of the area have created a rich and authentic cuisine in which flavors and aromas which were long-forgotten can be rediscovered and where there is always the opportunity to experiment with the excellent quality of the area.

For gourmets, autumn provides more than one opportunity to become inebriated by the heady smells of mushrooms and truffles and during October and November there is a succession of fairs celebrating that “king” of foods, the truffle.

The province of Alessandria is important for the production of wines and is a source of pride for the whole of Piedmont.

Rare wines are produced (Carica l’asino and Timorasso) as well as 37 D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. wines between that remember the Barbera, the Dolcetto, the Grignolino, the Cortese, the Moscato Bianco and the Brachetto.

The culinary traditions of the zones of Alessandria and Casale are originally from Monferrato. Agnolotti in stew, Marengo chicken, mixed stewed meats, the traditional “Bagna Cauda” (at base of cooked and raw vegetables, served with a sauce of anchovies, butter and garlic), focaccia, bread and grissini, risotto and cheeses from the unforgettable taste; each countries has its own particular sweet specialty, the recipes are secrets which have been passed down through the numerous master bakers: baci di dama. canestrelli, amaretti, polentine of Marengo, Krumiri (traditional biscuits with shape of “V” in honor of the moustache of Vittorio Emanuele II).

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