Asti cultural events

Asti Palio - Dama
Asti Palio – Dama – Photo © marco ferrari

There are many events which animate the territory during the course of the year. From January food and wine events in the province provide the opportunity of tasting the variety of the traditional cuisine. In the spring there are many events connected to wine, such as the Barbera fairs at Castagnole Lanze, Agliano, Nizza Monferrato, Montegrosso.

In the Asti area, with historical and legendary recollections, the period of Lent and Pentecoste is celebrated at the Polenta festivities of Monastero Bormida, Bubbio, Cassinasco, Roccaverano.

Regarding historical recollections, the Siege of Canelli in June should be noted. For a whole weekend the inhabitants of Canelli and numerous tourists re-enact the tension, battle. moments of fear and festivity of the siege of the city which the town endured in 1613.

Festival delle Sagre

From spring to summer there are many food and wine tours to be made for tasting the local specialties, and at the same time enjoying the colors of the countryside in that period.

Among the many wine and food tasting excursions, we suggest “Mangiando and Scollinando” to San Damiano, “Stramangiatonco” in Tonco and “Alla scoperta dei sentieri di Bacco” at Bubbio.

During the summer in all villages of the province, among patron saints’ days and fairs there are moments of festivities and moments of culture.

Among the theatrical events, we point out the “National Asti Theater Festival” held in the main town and the “Teatro e Colline” at Calamandrana. Musical events include the series of concerts Musica nelle Pievi” in some of the most beautiful romanesque churches in the province and “Asti Musica” in the splendid framework of the cathedral square in Asti.

In September, the Asti province celebrates “Douja d’Or“, the national wine festival where you can taste the best wines produced nationally and locally. There is also the “Festival delle Sagre” in which more than 40 villages of the province reenact the peasant life of Monferrato and display all their typical dishes in the village specially reconstructed for the occasion.

Festival delle sagre
Asti Festival delle Sagre

The “Palio” is celebrated on the third Sunday of September. This is the most ancient horse race in Italy, with thousands of participants in 13th century style costumes, colorful flag bearers and very emotional horse races.

From October to December, ideal excursions throughout the province include the Truffle Fairs which start with Montiglio Monferrato, followed by Moncalvo, Montechiaro, Canelli, Asti, to name only the main events. Protagonist of these fairs, naturally, is the precious tuber as well as typical autumnal products such as mushrooms, honey, etc. and there are many opportunities for cultural visits.

Cantine Contratto oldest cellar
Cantine Contratto oldest cellar – photo

Autumn is also the time when wine effervesces in the vats and this means other moments of festivity and tasting. We point out Calosso with a suggestive visit to the “Crutin”, the wine cellars, Incisa, Costigliole, where you can taste Barbera of more than 300 producers, and Calamandrana.

We close, so to speak, with December and the fairs dedicated to the “Bue Grasso” (fattened ox) at Moncalvo, and the Capon at Vesime.

There are also very many other events during the year: guided tours to castles from May to October; antique markets at Asti, Nizza Monferrato, Canelli and Moncalvo; winter theatrical events, not only in the towns but also in small provincial theatres; musical events in many churches, often providing the opportunity to discover hidden artistic gems.

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