Biking and walking in Piedmont


Cycling Italy” and “Walking in Italy” are two guides published by Lonely Planet and are available to anyone who wants to experience tourism immersed in nature, sports, and culture. Inside of each guide, a good deal of space is also given to the region of Piedmont, in particular to the Maritime Alps, to the Lake District, to the Langhe and Roero, to Valsesia, and to the Alps.

For those who are interested in discovering the itineraries in Piedmont, EDT has made extracts from the guides available on our site. And so, in a few pages, there is a complete panorama of the extensive offers which the Piedmont region is making available to cycling and walking tour lovers, all accompanied by practical, precise, and up-to-date information.

Cycling in Piedmont” presents cycling tourism itineraries accompanied by maps that show the route and the services available in the various communities pedaled through, not to mention secondary routes when the scale of the map allows.

Each map shows the towns, the services, the major points of interest (indicated with a star) for tourists, and secondary routes. The maps are laid out from left to right following the direction of the trip, with north always in the upper right-hand corner. An altimeter outline indicates the stages of the trip with difficult hills – up or down.


In “Walking in Piedmont”, one to seven day walking itineraries are described along with suggestions on variations and alternative routes. Each walk includes a brief description of the main cultural and nature points and useful information on how to plan the trip (transportation, level of difficulty, length and eventual permits required).

Generally speaking, day-long trips leave from and arrive at the same point and are set in areas of extraordinary beauty.

For walks longer than a day, camp grounds, lodges, hostels, and other spots with reservations are listed, not to mention places where water and other provisions are available.
Courtesy of Regione Piedmont