Chianale: The last village of the valley.

March 1972 - Chianale, Italy

At 1800 meters above sea level, on the border with France, in the bottom of the Varaita of Occitan culture, is this village from the heart of slate, with its roofs to lose, its stones, its woods, the old beams . Les Montagnards sont there.

The location is magnificent, the shelter of avalanches. A Chianale one breathes the scent of the Alps, when the air blows away the thoughts of snow under a sky the color of the steel; when silence falls on the houses that seem numb huddle together as they keep themselves warm.


Larches rest like caresses in the snow and the joy dispels loneliness close to friendly fire of the fireplace. The Provençal culture, proudly exhibited by the few remaining inhabitants, back to the time of the troubadours, that maybe in the summer composing verses and music nell’Alevé, the forest of stone pines Europe’s largest, on the slopes of Monviso. Crossed by the Chemin Royal leading in France, the village was only touched by the wars of religion, as the Calvinist temple and the Christian church were no problems facing each other.

The local products

A time, the valley was known, and in particular La Cianal for honey and craft of wood.
Today we continue to produce great mountain cheeses.

The local dishes

  • Les Ravioles: potato dumplings mixed with local cheese and seasoned with melted butter;
  • Polenta;
  • Cruzetin: sour rye flour dumplings

The history

X sec. At the end of the first millennium the Upper Valley Varaita (inhabited since prehistoric times) suffered the incursions and raids of the Saracens, whose expulsion has remained in popular tradition with celebrations of “Baìo” of Sampeyre and “Beo” Bellino .

1125, the Varaita is assigned to the Marquis of Saluzzo.

1210, the Countess gives Alasia all zonaal French Dauphiné.

1363-1713, the “Castellata” that the High Varaita with the countries of Chianale, Pontechianale, Casteldelfino and Bellino, for nearly four centuries the territory of the Dauphin of France and enjoys un’atonomia only for those times: La République des Escartouns . With the Treaty of Utrecht the area is ceded to the Savoy and the border between the two states is placed on top of the neck of the Lamb, at 2748 m. share.

1891 the village of La Cianal counts 449 inhabitants, in the face of a few tens of today.
The community holds the dubious distinction of depopulation throughout the Varaita.

Where to stay in Chianale

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