Fontechiara High Quality Wines DOC Colline Novaresi Producer

About the Fontechiara wine producer

Inspired by an innate love of the land, a number of years back our family decided to return to our origins to relive the wine-making tradition of earlier generations. Not just an exercise in nostalgia, we ended up overhauling the old farmstead; the farmhouse and “casotti” (vineyard sheds) were restored, a natural spring on the property was brought back to life, and upon the advice of expert oenologists and experienced local viticulturists, the vineyard were replanted to outochthonous varieties.

And thus we embarked on this unusual and challenging adventure, ruled by the rhythms of nature. The new vines were planted an the extreme eastern slopes of the Novara Hills, in areas particulary suited for growing the local grape varieties of Nebbiolo and Vespolina, and we adopted methods designed to give priority to achieving fruit of the highest quality.

Organic fertilizations, low yields per hectare and drastic selection in the vineyards lead to the perfectly matured grapes used in making our wines, where we follow a traditional approach employing advanced technology.

The resulting wines exalt the particular characteristics of each grape. We avoid using chemicals, which end up as residue in the wine, convinced that this is best for both the health of our planet and of those who drink our wines, which are all “natural”, each produces from a single grape variety.

The name Fontechiara is a combination of two names: it’s a tribute to Chiara, and to the natural water spring, in Italian “fonte”, found in the property by a water diviner.

Tours, Wine Tastings and Special Events at Fontechiara

Are you a passionate wine lover or a seasoned wine expert? Would you like to spend a few hours in a friendly, family-oriented environment immersed in the countryside?

Then come and visit us at Cascina Vallazza!
You can tour the winery and experience the magic and charm of the process of transforming grapes into wine. We’ll tell you our story, showing you the cellar,
explaing how our vines are cultivated, and how our wines are made and aged.

After the tour, you can sit and  taste our Nebbiolo DOC, Vespolina DOC  and Rosato wines paired with local specialties in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can enjoy  fresh, homemade delicacies, the  local charcuterie and cheeses especially selected to bring out the best flavors and characteristics of each wine.

Our proposals are various and rich to replace a lunch.

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