Great Reasons To Visit Turin


Turin is perhaps not the most frequently visited city in Italy. But it has many attractions and sights ready to show you if you decide this is the place to spend a long weekend.

The city itself is teeming with culture and has plenty of venues you will want to see. From churches to museums and parks to palazzos – otherwise known as palaces – you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding things to do.

The Egyptian Museum of Turin is a great place to start your exploration of the city – particular since it is fast approaching its 200th year, which will occur in 2024. The Drovetti Collection has many statues to show you, and you can also see sarcophagi and various other remnants of the Egyptian times. It is fascinating for all age groups to say the least.

Elsewhere in Turin you can walk alongside the Po River. This is a nice contrast from seeing some of the landmarks of the city, and you can see a lot more by exploring on foot as well. Such exploration will reveal that Turin has plenty of green spaces as well as built up areas, and you may even see rowers making their way along this well known Italian river.

Of course Turin is perhaps best known nowadays for being the home of the so called Turin Shroud. This is the shroud that contains an image of a crucified man who is believed by some to be Jesus himself. The shroud lies inside the Duomo di San Giovanni, a cathedral in the city. While you can go and see the cathedral you cannot see the shroud itself. This is a shame and it is the one thing most visitors to Turin are disappointed about. No matter what your beliefs might be regarding the face of the person depicted on it, you would certainly want to see it if you could.

If you want to visit the tourist centre of the city, you need to set everything else aside and head for the Piazza Castello. This is right in the middle of the city and takes the form of a square which has four streets leading into it. Amazingly enough this square was designed well over 400 years ago, which makes it a slice of history in itself.

For example you can see the Royal Palace here, and quite a sight it is too. You can explore the gardens as well as exploring the rest of the palace when it is open, which it is for much of the week.

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