Nebbiolo cellar

The Region of “Nebbiolo” in Northern Piedmont About the wine and vineyards of our region it was already told by Pliny the Elder in the first century A.D.. And the Romans were actually, those who planted the vines and started a wine cultivation, which improved and increased over the centuries.

Our “Nebbiolo” wines became well known and experienced a magnificent period in the XVI century: all was due to Mercurino Arborio, Lord Chancellor at Imperial court of Charles V, who cleverly used wines as precious means of diplomacy.

The geographical position:

From the great rings of the Mount Rosa, coming down along the banks of the river Sesia, you meet the hills and the first plain. Here are the spurs of morainal origin, where the vine was and is still grown.

The zone:

The soils are mostly acid and similar from a geological source. The river runs across them and divides the hills owning to the provinces of Biella and Vercelli (western side) from the ones owing to Novara (eastern side). The western soils have still inside pieces of stone. Gattinara is the main place where nebbiolo is grown in the western side, while Romagnano, Fara, Sizzano, Ghemme and Boca are of the eastern side. In all these towns nebbiolo is grown, and is made according with the DOC disciplines with the name of the town identifying it special origin.

Vines Nebbiolo


The famous red wines are an incomparable feature of our region. The prestigious Nebbiolo excels, but as the same Vespolina, Bonarda, Croatina and also the white wine of Erbaluce vines are greatly appreciated.

Enchanting lakes and mountain, artistic treasures and a rich cuisine are other good reasons to visits this region. The wine producers are pleasant to welcome you and show their cellars and vineyards, upon notice and appointment at the local Institute.
Courtesy in part of Vercelli Tourist Office