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Olympic Turin
Dressed to the nines with the flags and banners of the Look of the city, Turin is the ice sports capital of the XX Winter Olympic Games. Exceptional settings provide a fantastic backdrop to the emotions of the Hockey, Short Track, Speed and Figure Skating competitions.

The facilities built for the Games are accompanied by other spaces where the Olympics became an occasion for meeting and communication: from the Olympic Village, which housed the athletes, to the Sponsor Village in Piazza Solferino with its packed roster of entertainment events up to and including the Medals Plaza, the arena for the prize-giving ceremonies in Piazza Castello, right in the heart of the city.

Olympic Stadium
Turin’s Olympic Stadium (the old municipal sports stadium) has been the location for the official 20th Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. The stadium was inaugurated in 1933 and has been completely recovered, restored, and its spaces redeveloped. In particular, a spectacular new steel roof, with the outer perimeter supported by tie rods, is the eye-catching new look for the historic building, which still has it famous Maratona Tower, however.

Olympic Village

Olympic village
Torino Olympic Village bridge over the railway – Photo © stefanospeck.wordpress.com

Turin’s Olympic Village sleeps 2,500 guests. The area involved covers more than 100,000 square meters and is next to Lingotto, connected by a footbridge to the Turin 2006 HQ. The site centers around the restored historic structure of the 1934 Mercati Generali.

For the duration of the Games, this has been the location of the logistics center, shopping center, a relaxation area only for athletes and staff, as well as a large parking lot. The complex was designed by a team coordinated by the architects Benedetto Camerana and Giorgio Rosenthal.

Media Village
The 10,000 accredited Olympics mass media operators stayed at the 7 Media Villages, located around Turin, and in hotels in the mountains.

All the Villages offer a service standard equivalent to a 3-star Bed&Breakfast, compliant with IOC requirements. All structures have shared work, catering and entertainment areas.

Media center
For the second time in the history of the modern Olympics, the Main Press center and the International Broadcasting center, have been located in the same structure. The Main Media center, chief operating location for accredited press was at the Lingotto Fiere exhibition center.

Turin Piedmont Media center
For the 20th Winter Olympics, journalists without accreditation have been able to use the Turin Piedmont Media center, a structure run by the Municipality of Turin in collaboration with Piedmont Provincial and Regional Authorities.

Palavela – Photo www.palavelatorino.it

The new Palavela is Gae Aulenti’s reinterpretation of Palazzo a Vela, a building inaugurated as part of the Italia ’61 centennial celebrations for the Unification of Italy.

The new design preserved the spirit of the building, exalting its unique “vaulted” structure, which remains the symbolic element. Palavela hosted figure skating and short track events.

Turin Palaghiaccio
The Corso Tazzoli Palaghiaccio ice rink wa the location for figure and short track skating training. The design comprised setting up two distinct structures, dedicated respectively to figure skating (Turin Palaghiaccio) and short track skating (Tazzoli). The two structures are connected by an underpass.

Stadio Olimpico
Stadio Olimpico – Photo www.coldplayism.com

Palasport Olympic Stadium
The Palasport Olympic stadium, designed by Arata Isozaki and Pier Paolo Maggiora, totally redefines the Piazza d’Armi urban space. The refurbishment of this area extends to the park opposite, integrating a generous green element: the Grande Green. During the Games the Olympic Palasport complex hosted ice hockey matches.

Turin Esposizioni
Turin Esposizioni, the historic expo complex, designed by the architect Luigi Nervi, has been given a makeover to host ice hockey events. This facility has been set up inside the Giovanni Agnelli pavilion and went back to being a trade show structure when the Games were over.

Oval Lingotto
The Oval, located in the area between Lingotto and Turin’s Olympic Village, is the new polyvalent, closed structure, given over to speed skating races.

Medals Plaza
The Medals Plaza was located in the magnificent Baroque heart of Piazza Castello.

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