Piedmont Olympic Turin: Bardonecchia – Cesana – San Sicario – Pinerolo Pragelato – Sauze d’Oulx – Sestriere


Olympic Turin – Torino Olimpica: Olympic Mountains

The Olympic Valleys, that alpine arc comprising the Susa, Sangone and Pinerolo, Chisone, Germanasca and Pellice Valleys form the natural backdrop for the great feats of the 20th Winter Olympic.

In these valleys – surrounded by endless nuances of nature: lakes, alpine meadows, woods, rock faces – the great Olympic adventure was about into gear for some thrilling moments on the snow. A chance to be part of this great event, but also for discovering a territory rich in history, tradition, excellent cuisine, and determined to offer the very best.


Bardonecchia hosted snowboard events on the Melezet 23 and 24 competition courses.

Course 23 offers ideal length and height differences for the giant parallel slalom, and spectators have full visibility of the race from start to finish. Course 24 was just been constructed and used for half pipe events.

Cesana – Photo © www.travelviaitaly.com

Cesana – San Sicario

The bob, skeleton and luge facilities were at Cesana in the Pariol Greniere district. The course can be considered very selective, has 19 spectacular bends, and speeds can reach 130 km/h as there is an excellent safety standard. Apart from competition course starting lines, there are another three for junior, practice and kids.

The Biathlon events took place in the San Sicario district. The competition facility comprised a shooting range and courses of different lengths and difficulty.


The new Pinerolo Palaghiaccio ice rink hosted curling competitions. After the 20th Winter Olympics, it continues to serve for ice hockey, short track and skating events, but also as a theater. Specially-designated service areas encourage amateur skaters to use the facility and thus transform the Palaghiaccio into a permanent ice rink for Pinerolo.

Pragelato – Photo © www.alpineanswers.co.uk –


The Cross-Country, Nordic Combined and Ski Jump events took all place on Pragelato’s five-ring course and ski jumps. The Cross-Country facility was on the Chisone Valley floor, between the hamlets of Pattemouche and Granges. It comprised a 10km loop with various deviations. The Ski Jump facility is on the right bank of the Chisone torrent, opposite the hamlet of Rivets. It comprises two Olympic and three training trampolines.

Sauze d’Oulx

Sauze d’Oulx-Jouvenceaux, on the opposite slope of Mount Fraiteve to Sestriere, hosted Freestyle events. There are two competition facilities: an aerial and a mogul, sharing the finish line. The two slopes are served by a single new lift.

Sestriere – Photo © kipsadventures.blogspot.com


Sestriere was the location for the 1997 World Alpine Skiing Championships and hosted the Alpine Skiing events for the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Sestriere is a famous winter resort at 2035 m a.s.l. with a huge number of tracks for both cross-country and alpine skiing.

It is situated in the Via lattea and the main ski-slopes are:

  • Banchetta
  • Fraiteve
  • Sises
  • Rio Nero

Sestriere includes 4 villages: Sestriere Colle, Sestrere Borgata, Champlas du Col e Champlas Janvier. It is 105 km from Turin.
Courtesy of Commune of Turin

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