Piedmont Sport

Piedmont Sport

Piedmont is one of the few Italian regions where it is possible to practise almost any sport. A wealth of opportunities are available, above all at amateur level.

An abundance of opportunities for both off-piste and downhill skiing are on offer for those interested in winter sports.

There are 53 skiing resorts, 1,300 kilometers of pistes, over 300 ski lifts, and the pistes boast an attractive natural setting, against the backdrop of Monte Rosa or Monviso.

Moreover, the mountains attract large numbers of walkers from all over the world in summer. A climb high up into the mountains, stopping for the night in one of the many mountain refuges or bivouacs on offer, is the perfect way to get to know the Piedmontese Alps, with their rich natural and historical heritage.

Those passionate about water sports will find plenty to satisfy them on the areas lakes and rivers, which provide the perfect natural arena for canoeing, rafting, windsurfing and sailing. And golfers need only sling their bags over their shoulders and held for one of more than 40 greens spread out across the region: from Sestriere to the Lago Maggiore to the Mandria park, hunting ground of the Savoy dynasty.

The choice is so vast that golfers will think they have died and gone to heaven!

Piedmont has a history of sport and sporting legends. Very few people realize that here were founded the first sports association offering a number of sports activities (1844) and the very first rowing club (1863) in the world

Piedmont sport

The earliest cycle races were contested along the roads of Piedmont in 1876, and naturally the first Italian soccer championship competition was organized here in 1898.

The dazzling feats of world champion cyclist Coppi and the spectacular goals of Parola have gone down in sporting history, memories of the golden years of sport in Italy.

And the football albums produced by the Panini company, since 1961, have entertained generations of Italian children, who spent happy hours carefully gluing in the pictures of their soccer heroes.

The glories of Piedmont’s sporting past and talent for sport live on in the present, thanks to the incredible range of sports facilities and opportunities available in the region, both for dedicated athletes or weekend sports enthusiasts. Apart from excellent urban sports facilities, the mountains rivers and National Parks of Piedmont offer a wide range of outdoor sports activities. It is not surprising that Piedmont is considered the cradle of modern sport in Italy.
Courtesy of Regione Piedmont