Piedmont: the Mountains

This is an excerpt from the book “Turin


Perfect peace or active sport in any season. The thrill of skiing down the steepest mountain ski slopes, or going off piste in fresh powder; of sailing and canoeing on lakes and rivers; or of hanging from a bungee or a parachute, suspended between earth and sky. And after a day of sport and excitement, the pleasurable feeling of total relaxation and well-being.

There is no better place to unwind and have fun than in the mountains of Piedmont. In the snow season the Western curve of the Alps is transformed into what has been dubbed the “White Galaxy”, an immense system of ski stations, offering skiers and snowboarders more than a thousand kilometers  of runs, plus state of the art hospitality facilities.


Cross country skiers can plan excursions from valley to valley, thanks to the many trails creating links between them: one long interconnected system that will take you from the slopes of the Maritime Alps all the way to the slopes of the Lepontine Alps in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola. In summer the uniform white mantle gives way to a coat of many colors, formed by a myriad of mountain plants filling the air with the scents and smells of their flowers and fruit, and attracting insects, birds and animals of all species.


Each valley is threaded with walking and climbing trails, at every level of difficulty. It is also possible to trek the entire length of the Alps in Piedmont: approximately 1,000 kilometers  of paths and mule tracks, with fully equipped mountain refuges at the end of each stage, starting at Monviso and ending in the Val Formazza.. The Alps provide a precious record of the culture of their inhabitants and relics of historical events and eras: like the massive fort of Fenestrelle, extending along a ridge between Chisone and Susa valleys. Tourists can walk along the 3 kilometers  of fortifications, which have earned the fortress the nickname of “Great Wall of China”

Piemonte – Piedmont Mountains:

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