Torino – Turin – Getting in and around

This is an excerpt from the book “Turin“


Turin was the first capital of modern Italy, and was the host of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

While it’s not a famous cultural city like Florence or Rome, the setting is pleasant, with the Po River flowing through the city, and the Italian Alps off in the distance.

Turin is an important city of technology and industry, and the FIAT automobile company is based here. (The ‘T’ in the name stands for Turin). Turin is also known for the shroud of Turin.

Turin inhabitants are well known across Italy for their understatement and confidentiality and the city reflects this attitude.

Getting in Turin By plane

The airport of Turin is placed north of the city and is named Caselle. The main carrier is Alitalia, Italy’s flagship airline, which operates flight from every major European and Italian city.

Caselle is also a destination for some low fares airlines, for example Ryanair.

The airport is connected to the city by bus and taxis.

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Getting in Turin By train

Turin has two main railway station, Torino Porta Nuova and Torino Porta Susa. There also a smaller station near the Lingotto area.

Generally speaking, Torino Porta Nuova is a station dedicated to mid-range and long-range trains. Torino Porta Susa serves some local trains, but the “frecciarossa Trenitalia high speed trains for Milan – leaving from Torino Porta Nuova – also transit and stop there. You’d better check in advance where you need to go. Many trains also stops in both stations.

There is also a private company, NTV, that has a high speed “.Italo” train service from Milano Centrale and Milano Rogoredo to Torino Porta Susa e Torino Porta Nuova. Check their web site for the station and schedule.

Getting in Turin By car

  • A4. From Milan and Venice.
  • A5. From Ivrea and Aosta.
  • A6. From Fossano, Ceva, and Savona.
  • A21. From Asti, Alessandria, Genoa, and Piacenza.
  • A32. From Frejus and France.

Getting around Turin By public transportation

Turin has an efficient system of city connections with busses and trams managed by GTT. The first underground line was opened for the Olympics. Both urban and suburban areas are served by an efficient network. Busses and trams cross the city from morning to late at night.

  • Turin Pass

Getting around Turin By bicycle

The City of Turin has a network of bicycle paths throughout the city.

Getting around Turin By car

Car Rentals If you would like to rent a car, you can find all the main car hire companies at Turin Airport. Car rentals companies are grouped together immediately in front of the Domestic Arrivals, Ground Floor-Level Zero.

torinograndtour-08Getting around Turin By taxi

Taxis in Turin start the meter the moment your call is received. It is not customary to hail a taxi on the street.

  • Pronto Taxi Tel: 011/5737
  • Radio Taxi Tel: 011/5730
  • Turin Airport Tel: (+39)11-991.44.19
  • Main Railway station – Turin Porta Nuova Tel. (+39)11-54.73.31
  • Via Sacchi ang. Vittorio Emanuele II Tel: (+39)11-65.71.39

Where to stay in Turin

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