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Piedmont foods and wines

Anchovies in green sauce, spicy tomini cheese, agnolotti with gravy, bollito, fritto misto and the very original bagna caoda: a journey to Turin is a journey… in tastes.

Piedmontese cuisine, in fact, is full of dishes that shouldn’t be missed: numerous traditional appetizers, tasty first courses, lovingly prepared meats and desserts that are now part of Italian confectionery history.

There are infinite opportunities to taste Turin: trattorias, wine bars and restaurants are scattered in every zone of the city and outskirts – choose what suits you.

Wine Cellar Turin Torino

In Turin you can try the great wines of Piedmontese tradition, both the full-bodied reds and the famous whites, but naturally you can concentrate on the excellent DOC wines produced in the hills just outside the city: Freisa di Chieri, Malvasia, Bonarda and Barbera.

In the sparkling atmosphere of trendy spots and historic cafès, the art de vivre of Turin explodes at the hour of the aperitif: cocktails, wine and thousands of hors d’œuvres awaits you in the city.

The aperitif in Turin is a fantastic opportunity for meeting old friends and new, in a very relaxing and light-hearted atmosphere.

From six o’clock in the evening in Turin… the party begins.

There are many places where you can choose your favorite aperitif, whether trendy or ethnic, traditional or innovative.

Aperitif Martini in Turin Torino

Back in 1786, Antonio Benedetto Carpano invented Vermouth in Turin, made from white wine added to an infusion of herbs and spices, in more than 30 varieties.

Since then this distinctive drink has been exported throughout Europe and the world and is now produced by the Cinzano and Gancia company.

The ancient art de vivre becomes cocktail life. The elements are the same: a comfortable historic or trendy bar, a careful and experienced barman, a good cocktail.

The aperitif creates an atmosphere that involves you with relax and, above all, no fixed patterns: a long-lasting, informal break to enjoy according to your rhytm. List of aperitif cafes

The aperitif in Turin has always been extremely rich. There’s drinking, of course, but accompanied by excellent food: plates of cheeses and cold cuts, the famous grissini of Turin, light appetizers, unusual combinations and many delicacies from the gastronomic tradition of Piedmont, on which the fanciest samplings are based.

Food capital / Turin is…chocolate!

Chocolate in Turin Torino

Filled pralines and hot chocolate to drink, sweet-smelling cakes and spectacular delights… if chocolate is food for the gods, then Turin is their adopted home: no city can boast such a deep-rooted tradition, such inventive craftsmen and such a widespread passion for the pleasures of life. Enter the pastry and chocolate shops of the city to become familiar with the rich creations now famous in all the world. The gianduiotti, the pinguino and the bicerin are waiting for you, to be tasted among the rich dècor of the city’s historic cafès.

Masters of Chocolate

Nowadays, Turin and its hinterland are one of Italy’s major chocolate-producing districts, making 85,000 tons, which is almost 40% of the national total.

Alongside great industries like Ferrero, Caffarel or Streglio, there are also craft businesses who continue the Torinese chocolate-making tradition, and successfully keeping up to date with new tastes and trends. A commitment encouraged by the great names of subalpine crafts including Stratta, Baratti&Milano, Guido Gobino and Peyrano.

Torino Turin Ciocco-Pass

Feel like trying a tempting experience? Take the ChocoPass with you and taste the best chocolate production in Turin’s historic cafès, confectioners’ and handicraft workshops: gianduiotti, pralines, and cakes… a feast for your mouth! The ChocoPass offers you 10 mouth-watering tastes in 24 hours, 15 in 48 hours or 23 in 5 days. Buy it at Turismo Torino Information Points for € 10,00 (24 hours), € 15,00 (48 hours) or € 20,00 (5 days).

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