Turin – Torino grand tour: Art and culture

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Torino Italy 20

Walking is definitely the best way to feel the pulse of Turin: stroll around the city parks, drop into its historic cafès, take in the multiethnic quarters, enjoy fashion and shopping, but don’t forget that Turin is magical too. So put on your walking shoes and let your curiosity lead the way.

Turin stands ever more for culture with a capital C, with art not only in its museums. The streets of the city are crammed with literary and artistic creations, even the walls now play their part. Turin has gained recognition in Italy and abroad as one of the liveliest cities that constantly expresses its intrinsic desire for beauty not only in a tradition embodied in its dance, theatre and design schools but also in its attention to talented young artists and its more experimental, modern attitude to culture. Turin is one of the European capitals of Contemporary Art.

A city that was the birthplace of Arte Povera, a city inspired by the exuberance of the Futurist movement and the creativity of Felice Casorati. Turin is thronged with private galleries, Foundations and permanent exhibitions. Without forgetting a suite of museums that ranges from the Castello di Rivoli to the Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Museo Egizio, Museo del Cinema and the Museo dell’Automobile.

Piazza delle Medaglie
Piazza delle Medaglie

Museums in Turin:

  • Egyptology Museum
  • National Cinema Museum
  • GAM – Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation
  • Rivoli Castle Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Palazzo Bricherasio
  • Borgo Medievale
  • Mario Merz Foundation
  • Giovanni and Marella Agnelli Art Gallery
  • Palazzo Cavour
  • Antiquities Museum
  • Risorgimento Museum
  • “Duca degli Abruzzi” National Mountain Museum
  • “Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia” Automobile Museum
  • Museum of the Holy Shroud
  • Resistance, Deportation, War, Rights and Freedom Extended Museum System
  • Regional Museum of Natural Sciences

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