Usseaux, the alpine villages of quiet living


Usseaux with its five mountain villages awaits you in the beautiful setting of the Hautes Alpes, where it is still spoken patouà, a variant of Occitan Alps or the langue d’oc once spoken in the south of France.

Its name is probably Celtic origins “uxellos = high”.

The town was crossed by Julius Caesar in ancient times, which refers in “De Bello Gallico”, the village named “Occellum.”

Things to see

The small Usseaux in Alta Val Chisone has been in the past and is still an example of the rustic and rural high mountain.

Usseaux, Balboutet, Laux, Pourrieres and Fraisse, five small mountain villages, among the oldest in the valley, in a beautiful alpine setting. The houses of stone and wood huddled together, fountains, washbasins, bread ovens, the old mill still evident signs of culture, language and traditions of the peoples who have lived in the time .


A stop in the mountain villages of Usseaux to discover the life of the past and today’s life in small mountain areas, to enjoy the beauty and tranquility that nature offers, get to know a bit ‘of history, culture and traditions of this mountainous land: high Chisone.

A stop in the mountain villages of Usseaux to discover the “murals” along the streets and alleys of Usseaux capital, the country’s bread and murales.Una forty murals on the theme ranging from peasant life, the world of nature and the animals and fantasy characters of fairy tales and then Comunia of the oven, the water mill, the parish church of St. Peter.

Usseaux sundial

Not far from the capital, along the road that leads to Alpe Pian, Balboutet, the country of the sun, the sun-dials and swallows. Small important agricultural center for cattle and for the production of cheese, 20 sundials made on the walls of the houses and the Piazza del Sole illustrate the various tipolie for measuring time and offer an educational ideal in the solar system.

On the right bank of the river Chisone Laux, the township water, perched on a small plateau, with its natural lake, is an example of an alpine village still among the most intact of the entire valley. Inside the church of the village with the ancient sundial and the square of the prayer that recalls the Waldensian presence.

Overlooking the regional road to Sestriere Pourrières, the township dell’Assietta with the ancient church and the small cemetery and higher than the Valley of Cerogne and Colle dell’Assietta.


Last village upstream Fraisse, the township of wood surrounded by forests and thick vegetation and divided by the river Chisone on the left side which is the most populated.

Five small villages and the beautiful Alpe Pian, a unique natural environment, rich in forests and lush meadows, with beautiful spring blooms and fascinating snow-covered landscapes.

Two natural parks: the ORSIERA Rocciavrè and the Gran Bosco di Salbertrand make this area one of the richest flora and fauna in the Alpine valleys of Piedmont.

The mountain villages of Usseaux many opportunities for quiet walks, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding along trails and military roads. In addition, routes and trails with snowshoes and skis. For cycling enthusiasts dell’Assietta the road and a network of military roads passable by mountain bike trails offer to suit all needs. And still fishing at Lake Laux, paragliding to Alpe Pian, guided tours inside the villages.

The mountain villages of Usseaux: a destination for a holiday of peace in close contact with nature in the spectacular setting of the Cozie Alps not far from Fenestrelle and the Olympic facilities in Pragelato and Sestriere.

piemonte cheeses
piemonte cheeses

The local products

Wood Crafts.

Cheeses including Plaisentif “the cheese of the violets”, which is made from the milk of the early days of rich pasture of the essences of flowers and matured for at least eighty days. This cheese, already appreciated in the Middle Ages, was rediscovered thanks to the ancient recipe of Poggio Oddone (Perosa Argentina).

L’Atelier of Painting (lose-wood-sundials) and The Flax Fairy (knitwear creations, embroidery) are actually more to discover.

The local dishes

The local cuisine using simple products of the mountain (such as potatoes, cabbage, leeks, bacon).
The calhiette.
Ingredients: potatoes – sausage – onion – butter – cheese – salt discretion.
The potatoes are peeled, large raw, which are then grated and squeezed well in a damp white until they have lost all the water.
Take an onion, cut into slices and sauté in a pan with the chopped sausage. It combines all the grated potatoes, blend all the ingredients by adding two tablespoons of flour and salt. It shapes the dough in the shape of egg with a spoon and pass it into the flour. The calhiette are then put into boiling well-salted, in which simmer. When cooked it down, cover with melted butter and grated cheese.

Where to stay in Usseaux

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