Villa Taranto on Lake Maggiore

Villa Taranto – Photo © Umby
Villa Taranto – Photo © Umby

This itinerary takes you in a magic place of lakes, gardens and palaces.

This is specially recommended in spring, when often you can leave the fog and cold of the pianura padana to reach sun-shining lakefront views in the mild climate of the Lake Maggiore.

Of special interest is a visit during the azalea blooming season, when Villa Taranto’s gardens assume a wonderful set of different colors from the endless number of azaleas and rhododendrons present in the garden.

You can also hire a private guide for all the trip, call Myriam Gulla at 0331-958121 or mobile phone 347-7856903 to make arrangements.

Villa Taranto


was built at the end of the19″ century and was sold to the Scottish captain Neil McEachaPIl. It is thanks to the work of this Scottish gentleman, lover of beauty and nature, that visitors today can enjoy the most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe.

Villa Taranto Ninfee
Villa Taranto Ninfee – Photo © Sergio De Giovannini.

In 1939 McEachaPIl, having no heirs, decided to donate the entire property, which he created between 1931 and 1936, to the Italian nation.

In 1982 the gardens were opened to the public and today are run by the “Ente Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto”.

Villa Taranto

Remarkable is a visit in springtime, when azaleas and rhododendrons are in full bloom and the gardens assume a multi-varied color.

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