A Low Cost Trip to Puglia with Bed and Breakfast Hospitality


I want to tell my personal travel experience in the very beautiful Puglia that I was able to visit without spending much money.

It was three of us: I, my wife and my twelve years daughter.

Time of the year for our holiday: early July. Maybe the best time to appreciate the summer in Puglia without spending too much, because it’s too early for the higher fares of August end.

Puglia is quite long; so we scheduled a stop in San Giovanni Rotondo, on Gargano hill.
We stopped just for two hours, ma it was worth it.

The curiosity of knowing the places were Padre Pio lived was strong, as we never were there.
We were able to leave on the early afternoon and after about two hours (if I remember well) we get to our first destination: Polignano a Mare (Polignano on the sea).

The place was simply enchanting and I advise it to everybody, even tough I think that the ideal stay should not be too long. We were advised in that direction and we stayed just two night.
Polignano, the town of Domenico Modugno (the singer of “volare”), has a very beautiful old center, with balconies overlooking on the sea.

If I remember well, in Polignano they hold an international dive contest. One of those we can sometimes watch on TV.

The town resemble a Christmas crib. I shot several photos and I advise it above all to picture lovers.

We managed to find a b&b where we stayed for two nights, spending 200 euro in all (I remeber we were three persons). Its name is “il villino” and we are satisfied with it. Second stay, the longer one: Ostuni.

The idea, which I advise to everybody, was to be in the “white town”, this is Ostuni nickname, and to take advantage of it as a base for knowing and appreciating all the beautiful places in the surroundings.

We stayed six days in the bed and breakfast in Puglia Pietrabianca. We were again satisfied of our choice, in particular for the care and cleanliness. The total cost was 660 euros, in line with what we spent in Polignano.

What a good idea to enjoy the Ostuni summer: it is surrounded by wonderful places!
Just to name some: the Itria valley of Cisternino, Martina Franca and Locorotondo.
A charming valley for its view and also for its several cultural events.

At last, after six days, the last adventure: lower Salento. We were in Castro Marina for two nights, spending 330 euros. Even though it is slightly higher than other fares, we again don’t complain about it at all.

We won’t forget easily the gorgeous view of the blue sea and of the Balkan mountains from the opposite side of the Adriatic seaFind Article, and the visit in the Zinzulusa cave.

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Author: Giuseppe is a person who enjoys discovering new places. After my last trip I strongly recommend to pay a visit to Puglia.

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