Brindisi: the path of faith

Matrice Mesagne Brindisi
Matrice Mesagne

The path of faith Brindisi is a land rich of resources and opportunities including a tradition of faith and devotion typical of the religious dimension of its people. From small town to small town, from land to land, the patron festivities run for the whole year in a phantasmagoric calendar of lights, sounds and colors.

Every community gathers around its own saint to which renders solemn celebrations: illuminations, concerts of bands, fireworks frame the long processions of faithful people who follow the blessing statue.

The Christmas tree hasn’t defeated here the tradition of the Nativity scene nor the choral representations of the Nativity, the living Nativity scenes set in the streets of the suburbs, in the scenery setting of the rocky settlements or in the ancient farms.

The rites of the Holy Week and of Easter are present in the area of Brindisi, and in Francavilla Fontana they take on forms of high suggestion. Here the enigmatic figure of the “pappamusci”, hooded and barefoot penitents, start on Maundy Thursday from church to church to visit the “sepolcri” (Sepulchers), and the “pappamusci cu lli trai”, bent under the weight of huge crosses, follow the procession on Good Friday, renewing the tragedy of the Passion every year and arousing the moved participation of the crowd thronged along the streets.

At atmosphere of great spirituality blows around the sanctuaries, located mostly in the peaceful tranquility of the country, in places where the collective memory hands down miracles or prodigious facts. The Marian worship has ancient roots in the land of Brindisi and there are a lot of sanctuaries dedicated to Our Lady, built mostly after finding by chance a sacred effigy or after events considered miracles.

That is exactly what happened for the sanctuary of “Madonna di Jaddico” in Brindisi; that of Cotrino in Latiano; for the sanctuary of “S. Maria della Croce” in Francavilla Fontana; that of Pozzo Faceto in Fasano; that of “Madonna di Ibernia” in Cisternino and the sanctuary of Belvedere in Carovigno.

Ostuni Brindisi
Ostuni Churches

In Ostuni, the itinerary of faith is added to that of the landscape: the street that goes to the sanctuaries of S. Oronzo and S. Biagio climbs up the hill, discovering at each hairpin bend a beautiful landscape, an atmosphere that sings the praises of meditation and nature.

In S. Pancrazio Salentino, the sanctuary of S. Antonio alla Macchia has been built on a small monastic church and is surrounded by a forest of pines, crowded by many devoted believers, S. Maria Crepacore in Torre S. Susanna and the small temple of S. Miserino in Sandonaci complete wonderfully this itinerary with the witness of their ancient architectonic structures.

Destination of pilgrimages and solemn processions, the Marian sanctuaries are places of the spirit where the popular faith and devotion express themselves in their most authentic forms

with ancient and suggestive rites. The idea of the prodigy represents the daily life of the trusting people who ask the taumaturgical intercession of the Saints Cosmas and Damian in the sanctuary of “San Cosimo alla Macchia” in the land of Oria.

The big religious building developed on the site of an ancient church, today is a real citadel of faith, destination of thousands of pilgrims. What strikes the visitors is the hall of the “ex-vote”, where the popular faith has interwoven a big puzzle made of signs now humble and innocent, now precious and solemn, always of great emotional impact. in the itinerary of the faith places there is also Erchie, a small center where since the year 1000 the sacred mortal remains of Saint Lucia are hidden in a ravine.

On the rim of that ravine, where water considered miraculous pours out, the popular faith in 1700 has built a church that has become destination of pilgrimage for the people, who wetting their eyes in the sacred source, ask the protection of the Saint of Syracuse.

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