Discover Apulia in Southeast Italy

Otranto Apulia
Author: Seb Jay

Apulia – the boot heel of Italy – is one of Europe’s most fascinating regions. Known to Italians as ‘Puglia’ it overflows with treasures that are guaranteed to delight people of all ages. There are deserted Roman ruins to explore, grand castles, ancient streets, quaint fishing villages and one of the largest forests in Europe.

If you’re looking to relax on a quiet beach, Apulia can deliver here too. The Adriatic coastline is peppered with a multitude of sandy beaches. They offer serene tranquillity in abundance…and even during the height of summer there are many hidden sandy coves where you can escape the crowds.

Here are just a few of the jewels in Apulia’s crown to whet your appetite!

Umbra Forest

Situated in the heart of the Gargano National Park not far from Foggia is the 24,000-acre Umbra Forest. It is a spectacular and awe-inspiring place to visit. Beech trees in the forest are seven hundred years old. Visitors will find 14 marked routes across the forest, many having boards and marker posts to guide the way. Look out for an array of exotic birds and wildflowers. Guides to the type of wildlife that can be found within the forest are available at the visitor centres in the National Park.

Castel de Monte

Situated near the regional capital of Bari is the most fabulous castle in Europe – Castel de Monte. Built in the 13th century it is famed for its precisely engineered octagonal shape and the eight 25-metre octagonal towers that line its exterior.

The Caverns of Castellana Grotte

The small town of Castellana Grotte not far from Putignano is home to a complex of karst caves. You can join a tour that will take you through the cave chambers, allowing you to marvel at giant stalactites and stalagmites.

Getting around Apulia

International travelers should fly into Bari airport. Car hire can be booked in advance for pick up at the airport. Visit for more information.

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