Greece in Salento – see with a car trip lasting 8-9 hours

A car tour of Salento : Total Visit: 8h-9h

Greece in Salento: you can see the special influence that the Greek civilization had on this part of Southern Italy with a car trip lasting 8-9 hours. The following is the itinerary to follow.


distance km 12
time necessary 15 mm


distance km 6
time necessary 5 mm


distance km 7
time necessary 5 mm


distance km 2
time necessary 5 mm


distance km 5
time necessary 7 mm


distance km 3
time necessary 5 mm


distance km 15
time necessary 20 mm


distance km 15
time necessary 20 mm
Salento Map

Greece in Salento: The Path:

Leaving from ALIMINI to MARTANO, whose center is considered the capital of Greece. The Mother Church, the church of the Madonnella, the church of the Rosario, Palazzo Stampecchia and the castle are worth a visit.

Second leg, CALIMERA, the youngest Greek town whose public park holds the attic stele dating back to the 6th century; continuing to MARTIGNANO, where the parish church, the chapel of the Madonna del Rosario and the church of S. Francesco can be visited; and to STERNATIA, with a visit to the famous mother church

Soleto Map
Considered the oldest map of western civilization, it depicts the south-eastern peninsula of Italy (Salento).

Dated 500 BC, some cities still exist, with similar names.

The monumental bell tower, the church of S. Nicola, the convent of the Poor Clare order and the church of S. Stefano are worth visiting. Stop off for lunch in a typical restaurant.

Greece in Salento
Corigliano – Photo © Heather82_Cs

In the afternoon there is a visit to ZOLLINO, with the church of S. Anna, the church of SS. Pietro and Paolo, the hypogeum oil mill, the Menhir of the station and the Menhir Sant’Anna; to CORIGLIANO, with a visit to the old town center with the courthouses and the noblemen’s buildings, the castle, the church of S. Nicola and the Angels Gate; to CASTRIGNANO with its Byzantine crypt, the medieval castle, the chapel of S. Vito and S. Rocco.

Return to ALIMINI.

Greece in Salento: Where to stay in Lecce
Greece in Salento

There are hotels, apartments, villas, and B&Bs available, check it out and make a reservation here.

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