Salento: Gallipoli between night and the sea crystal

This is an excerpt from the book “Apulia”.


Gallipoli, from the greek “city beautiful”, is located on a beautiful limestone on the Ionian island of Salento, combined with the modern city by a bridge built in 1600. The old part of Gallipoli perimeter is surrounded by the so-called rivers, which give a sense of togetherness to the whole neighborhood. Interesting and rich l ‘existence of Baroque works (churches, monuments).

The lack of facilities makes it more in line with the naturalistic aspects that characterize it. At the center are in fact the beautiful baroque cathedral of Gallipoli, rich in paintings of the era, are the major palaces and churches dating back to the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, as the churches of Purity, S. Teresa, St. Francis; their decorations interval Lecce stone, tuff carparo and majolica. Details are also the interior, characterized by bright colors, flowers, fruits all majolica.

Do not miss the Greek fountain, with reliefs depicting mythological scenes, still perfectly preserved. For those who love shopping, however, the modern Gallipoli will meet every requirement, being now a major urban center, which is highly developed. Several Hotels in Gallpoli, villages, farms, etc. .. but also discos and nightclubs of all kinds are one half of Gallipoli tourist suitable for families but especially to young people. A wonderful long stretch of sandy beach, clean and cared forFree Web Content, the beautiful blue sea.

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Author: Simone Benedetti

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