Salento: Otranto and its fantastic wild beaches


The description of the crystalline sea of Otranto and its beautiful beaches and cliffs, beaches and advice on the cove you can not miss

The coast of Otranto is high at times characterized by high rocky cliffs of karst origin. The coast south of Otranto to the set of Porto Badisco shows with high cliffs overlooking the sea and picturesque bays, with breathtaking scenery, ideal for those who like adventure.

It’s in this part that we come across in the Cave where you can visit the prehistoric cave of Palombara. In the splendid setting between land sea and sky rises the tower or Torre del Serpe dell’Idra, symbol of the city of Otranto and in the distance still towards the south you can see the tower in the sixteenth dell’Orto homonym bay is easily reached on foot coming to the small beach of Porto Grande and where you can make diving and visit the caves.

Also continuing to the south we come across the famous flagship PALASCIA the east of Italy and among the coves and cliffs you come to the beach of Porto Badisco where according to legend landed Enea. Here the white beach and crystal sea treasures include one of the most important prehistoric settlements in Europe, unfortunately not open to THE CAVE OF CERVI.
Otranto passed, towards the north, however the coast is mostly low and sandy: particularly gripping the coastal zone of the two basins LAKES Alimini, natural heritage of Salento. Alimini is a large basin of brackish water basin fed the other hand, Fontanelle, which is fresh water.
Among the most beautiful beaches north of Otranto remind the sandy beach of Porto CRAULO, area of Conca Specchiulla full of facilitiesHealth Fitness Articles, the beach of Saint George and the Cave of Macaru.

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Author: Simone Benedetti

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