Risotto con la zucca


1 lb Rice
200 g  Milanese pumpkin; cleaned
100 g  Butter
1/2    Onion
1 Stock cube
(No wine used for cooking vegetable risottos)

How to make the Risotto con la zucca:

boil 1 liter of water. Fry the chopped onion in half the butter. Pour in the rice and the cubed pumpkin; roast slightly then pour in the boiling water a bit at a time.

Half-way through the cooking, add the crumbled stock cube. Add cheese and butter before serving the risotto con la zucca.

Notes: This recipe needs dry pumpkin (Milanese pumpkin in Italian): it has a dark knobby skin and a dark orange dry, firm flesh. do not use Neapolitan pumpkin because it is too watery.

Source: Nonna’s (Grandma) recipe adapted from La Cucina Italiana magazine.

Serves 4

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