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Sardinia coast

Sardinia coastMost holidays are a break away from the day to day. But when you visit Sardinia, holidays can feel as familiar and comfortable as home.

Vacations do not often remind you of home. Quite the opposite – they give you the mental space to explore new, fresh sights and forget your day-to-day stresses. A break away can give you a breath of physical fresh air and expose you a newness that invigorates not only the body, but perhaps even the soul.

Some places have the ability to give you all these experiences and more in such a fulfilling way you’ll be finding an excuse to return again and again. One such place that can have this effect on you is Sardinia. Holidays to this wonderful Mediterranean isle are popular for so many reasons, and it is indeed the sheer depth of its delights that lure you to spend more time here.

Deep History

The second largest island in the Mediterranean is one the most geologically ancient bodies in Europe, and its depth of history may well be one of the reasons that attract you. From the Mesolithic hunter-gatherers to the Nuragic civilisation, from the Phoenicians to the Vandals, and from the Byzantines to the Guidacati, the storied human past of this beautiful landscape gives you the feeling that so much has happened here that it simply cannot be summed up in a single, transitory visit. In Sardinia, holidays spent here often inspire a return to drink deep from this historic well.

Ancient Natural Glory

There are few parts of Europe as ancient and few islands as geographically diverse as Sardinia. Holidays here can almost be a frustration of riches, with so many landscapes to explore. Much older than even the ancient history of this island’s famed antiquity, the ancient natural glories here could be explored and enjoyed over a lifetime of visits. You can walk the green fields by Lake Omede and climb the tall peaks of Gennargentu, the highest massif of the island, and you can dive into the crystal clear waters and wander the exquisite little bay towns – you could do this, and more, if you’re tempted to spend extensive time here.

Unique Culture

Each locale, city and community around the world forms its own unique culture over time. Exploring such diversity is one of the prime joys of travelling. This is no less the case when you visit Sardinia. Holidays to the island should allow for enough time to taste of the local colour, climate, customs and character. The sheep farms and the old sea ports, the high number of centenarians and influx of European immigrants, the old cantu de tenore music and Cagliari operas, all invite a tourist to be more than a simple observer of the local culture. Add to this the healthy vegetables and cheese, fine wines and delectable cuisineArticle Search, and you will see more than one reason to extend your visit or return every year.

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The author: Carolyn Spinks is COO of ABTOI – The Association of British Travel Organisers to Italy.

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