The Province of Nuoro: …mountain, man, and the sea…


The Province of Nuoro is situated in the heart of Sardinia. Its territory stretches from the East to the West coa the East to the West coast and includes plains, plateaus, hills, the island’s highest mountains and deepest valleys as well as the historic area called Barbagie. The ancient geological formations are seen here in all their splendid complexity and grandeur. Schist, red and grey granite, iridescent marble and limestone make up the core groundwork, where ancient civilizations of strong and generous peoples were modeled as they participated in the making of Mediterranean history.

Prehistoric and historical events have left their mark on the places and in the soul of the people. Traces of the past – from the Neolithic to the Nuragic ages – are diffused throughout the island where they have blended into the scenery and the common spirit. There are also many monuments from various historical periods: the Punic, Roman, Medieval and Judicatures (Giudicati) eras.


Numerous churches are scattered here and there in the silent countryside and reveal the history of an ancient faith, both Pagan and Christian. They were built in simple Byzantine, Preromanic and Romanic styles influenced by the foreign presence of peoples from the seafaring cities and other continental regions.

The unpolluted coasts with their enchanting beaches attract numerous tourists during the summer season. But the true beauty of the island lies in its hinterland, its heart, both spiritual and geographical. It is a fascinating world, set between past and present where all the ancient values of hospitality, solidarity and generosity are still alive. It is also a small continent for the variety and dimension of its landscapes, for its wealth of natural treasures, its flora and fauna.

Where to stay in Nuoro

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