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There is a magic Island that shapes itself, according to the needs and desires of people who want to love it. It’s the nuraghi Island, the Island of Mystery and dreams: your dreams. Sardinia is one of the most uncontaminated areas of the western world: more than the half of its territory is consecrated to nature, with a various and wonderful environment.

To get pleasure from it, you have to get in touch with its landscape by walking tours, horse riding or bike riding. For people who don’t want to give up motors’ sound, there are also excursions by quad or off-road vehicles. You just need few days to discover the Sardinian culture and traditions. You can spend a day with the shepherds of Barbagia, visit the archaeological monuments of the nuragic people, the villages in the interior of Sardinia and have lunch in the farms with the typical roast piglet dish. You can discover the Sardinia of your dreams just by clicking here.

By the Sardinian packages and excursions, the nuraghi Island is the island when your dreams become true. A low cost Sardinia offers you the experience and the adventure in a land to never forget and to talk about. Summer can be spent by the beach or making excursions but you can also enjoy Sardinia during the whole year.

Sardinian forests offer the chance to admire unique landscapes in every season. By admiring the wild flora and fauna of the Island, eagles, fallow deers, muflons and sardinian stags, you will understand that nature is an adventure you have to experience. Sardinia is a surprising gift during the whole year. During summer you can enjoy tourists and amusing activities but, during the rest of the year, you will have the possibility to discover the secrets of its millenarian culture.

Olbia is known as the capital city of Costa Smeralda but its surroundings jealously preserve wonderful treasures. Sardinian archaeological finds offer you a trip through the past of the nuraghi Island, by visiting its megalithic monuments disseminated all over the region. Even Olbia has its archeological heritage such as the holy well of Sa Testa, the graves of giants of Su Monte e S’ape and the nuraghi village of Cabu Abbas.

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