Three Quirky Things to Do on Holidays to Sardinia

Sardinia coast
Sardinia coast

Holidays to Sardinia would not be complete without experiencing some of the quirkier attractions. These aspects are what make the island unique. 

Holidays to Sardinia are usually a journey of delightful discoveries—the island has some wonderful traditions and a culture that has plenty of surprises up its proverbial sleeve. The following three things are just the tip of the iceberg.

Unique Cuisine

Thanks to centuries of relative isolation (or independence—it depends on how you view these things), the island has certain qualities that you simply cannot find anywhere else. One of the quirky aspects that make holidays to Sardinia something to remember is the more unusual food items. For example, the island is home to a kind of cheese that elsewhere in the world would be simply dismissed as ‘rotten’ – because casu marzu (which even translates as ‘rotten cheese’) is exactly that. It contains live insect larvae, which adds to its unique flavor, aroma and texture. But what’s surprising is that the cheese—despite the obviously discouraging qualities—is actually extremely tasty and delicious once you get past the idea of it. If you do feel brave enough to give it a try, you won’t find it at the local market—the cheese can not actually be legally sold out in the open. But if you know a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend who has access to a trustworthy maker of the cheese, we suggest you brace your palate and give it a go!

Unbelievable Seafood

Sea urchins: doesn’t sound too delicious does it? Well it might be time to think again. Sardinia is an island with lengthy stretches of coastline, and each town situated along the coasts tries to outdo one another with the cuisine created from the abundant bounty of the sea. Along with the more recognizable kinds of seafood, you’ll very often see sea urchins on a menu during your holidays to Sardinia. While there are many different ways to serve up this unusual delicacy, if you enjoy oysters with nothing but a squeeze of lemon, then try the same thing with sea urchins. While the taste is certainly unusual, it’s refreshing and quite moor-ish.

Unique Accommodation

For those planning holidays to Sardinia, accommodation is usually the first consideration. While there are plenty of options, including anything from luxury hotels to authentic villas and cottages, if you’re feeling adventurous, you should explore the opportunity to stay somewhere a little more rustic and traditional. The Fiummendosa Valley’s seemingly endless rolling landscape is awash with lush color and is an example of rural Sardinia at its finest. You can spend a night in one of the many shepherd’s huts that dot the valley and enjoy an exhilarating sense of freedom and a generous dose of fresh island air. You may need to do some investigation to find out who owns one of the huts in order to get the necessary permission to stayFind Article, but the good news is that the locals are very friendly and accommodating so it is very rare for a request not to be granted.

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The author: Carolyn Spinks is COO of ABTOI – The Association of British Travel Organisers to Italy.

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