Trekking on the Northern Coasts of Sardinia

La Maddalena Island - Photo © fredducci
La Maddalena Island – Photo © fredducci

If you like getting active on your travels, book your holidays to Sardinia! Here, you can trek along the northeastern and northwestern corners.

When it comes time to think about booking an active summer break, why not consider booking your holidays to Sardinia? As the second largest island in the Mediterranean (after Sicily), it has a rich and diverse history that dates back some 250,000 B.C. Once you’ve explored the island’s gorgeous beaches, why not consider getting your walking or hiking boots on?

Many people who come on holidays to Sardinia are often focused on enjoying the coastal areas, but for those who enjoy a bit of activity, looking to the interior can be a wonderful experience. Although many of the trails are not actually marked out, it is simple to get a guide or book yourself on a small, guided trip. Local experts are very knowledgeable about the landscape, flora and fauna, and often speak several languages fluently. For the best hiking, consider the northeast and northwestern regions of the island.

Northeastern trails

The northeastern trails of the island are a great place to start your outdoor adventure on your holidays to Sardinia. The area around Supramonte is the best place to start, and the rugged region is one of the least populated in Europe. You will come face to face with chalk walls and stunning gorges and, at the Supramonte di Oliena, you can follow the trails of Stone Age tribes who fled to a hidden cave near Monte Tiscali. If you are feeing energetic, take on the challenge of the highest peak in the range: the Monte Corrasi, stretching up 1463 metres. If you enjoy a bit of a hike but still want your beachfront within reach, plan a trek that begins or ends on the Costa Smerelda. These trails won’t take you up any huge mountain peaks, but they will give you a chance to experience some truly breath-taking natural beauty.

The Northwest

For a spectacular hike taking in the very best of the island’s interior, head to Monte Limbara. The abundance of trees, streams, waterfalls and undulating trails often makes the experience a highlight of holidays to Sardinia. As you ascend you can visit the lovely mountain church, Madonna of the Snow, and if you fall in love with the region you can even stay in a hotel situation up the mountain.

Another excellent hike is along the pink granite cliffs of Garulla. The cliffs here spill on the beaches lapped by the most beautiful waters in the Mediterranean. You can enjoy a leisurely swim, diving off the boulders, before carrying on to the cove at Tinnari – where you’ll get an unequalled view over the ocean (don’t forget your camera). This is an area that is mostly untouched by tourism and, at timesPsychology Articles, it can almost seem like your own private beach.

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The author: Carolyn Spinks is COO of ABTOI – The Association of British Travel Organisers to Italy.

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